Update to Synaptic drivers on Windows Services

A researcher has discovered a Keylogger in all versions of the Synaptics Touchpad Driver have been bundled in with HP laptops. The keylogger was turned off by default, but could be turned on with a registry change.

HP have issued new versions for the drivers which have had the keylogger removed. We need to roll these out to the Windows Staff services. Unfortunately, this update requires two reboots: one after the removal of the old drivers and again after the new driver is installed. While this may be annoying to users, it is an unfortunate result of the way Synaptics have written the installer and uninstaller.

The schedule for the rollout is as follows

Mon 22rd Jan – IT Services and Careers

Tue 23rd Jan – All Professional Services

Wed 24th Jan – Professional Services and Schools A-M

Thurs 25th Jan – All W7 and W10 Staff

Please report any issues or queries regarding this to the IT Service Desk on x222333 orIT.Services@lboro.ac.uk.