Removal of default browser and application enforcement on Windows 10 Service

Default Application Changes will no longer Rest

As the majority of PCs on the Windows 10 Service are now running version 1703, we are in a position to remove the Group Policy setting that resets user’s default web browser and other common applications back to the University specified settings on their next login.

This change will allow users to alter the default application for any file type without it being automatically reset. This includes setting the default web browser. This change will not change any of these defaults; if a user wishes to change a default application they will need to do this themselves.

Windows 10 1703 has provided an alternative method of setting application defaults which allows users to make and retain their own preferences.

Please remember that Internet Explorer remains the primary supported browser for Windows services, with Google Chrome provided for websites that do not support or function correctly in IE. Other browsers are installed and used at the user’s own risk.

PCs which are currently running Windows 10 1607 will be upgraded to Windows 10 1703 in the near future.

Timescale: Wednesday 7th February 17:00


Please contact our Service Desk at for more information.