Change to Office365 Pro Plus activation on Windows staff PCs

The activation method for Office365 Pro Plus (a.k.a. Office 2016) on Windows 7 and Windows 10 staff PCs is being changed.

Using the current method (shared activation), Office applications can only be launched when connected to the internet. We are therefore changing Office365 Pro Plus installation on staff PCs to use user-based activation. This will activate Office in the name of the first user to use it on a PC.

Should this result in a user exceeding their maximum number of Office activations (10), instructions for deactivating computers they no longer used are available at

PCs which have Visio or Project installed already use this activation method. Lab PCs are not affected by this change.

What will the user see?

The change itself is silent and does not require or cause open Office applications to be closed. The first time a user launches an Office application after the change they will be asked to accept a license agreement. After that, neither that user nor any other user on that PC will see any prompts resulting from this change.


The change is being rolled out with the following schedule:

13/03/18 – IT staff, IT Services and Careers

15/03/18 – Professional Services

20/03/18 – Schools beginning with A – M

22/03/18 – Everyone else

This change has already been made in new Office installations installed during Task Sequences or via Software Center.


 Please contact our Service Desk at for more information.