Windows 10 1709 Task Sequences Now Live – Introducing OneDrive Files on Demand

The Windows 10 1709 Task Sequences are now live.

Windows 10 1709 introduces the concept of “Files on Demand” to the OneDrive client. This allows users to access their files directly from the cloud rather than having to download all of their files to the local PC, which can be a problem for users of PCs with small hard drives or SSDs.

At present we have not enabled this feature by default, however users can enable it if they so wish. To do this, they should right-click their OneDrive icon, select Settings, go to the Settings tab and tick the box for Files on Demand there. This is advisable for any users who do not have the required disk space to download all of their files.

For more information on this, including how to ensure files are always available offline, please see

Please report any issues or queries to the IT Service Desk as usual.

Deployment of Java 8u172 to Windows Staff Service

We shall be deploying Java 8 Update 172 to the Windows Staff Service (Windows 7 and 10) beginning next Tuesday.

The rollout plan is:-

  • ITS and Careers – 25th Sept
  • Professional Services – 8th Oct
  • Schools A-M – 11th Oct
  • All Staff – 17th Oct

The user will be offered the update each day until the installation is successfully completed. For the first two weeks the installation can be postpone if the timing is inconvenient. After two weeks the installation becomes mandatory.


Please contact our Service Desk at for more information.

Windows 10 Staff Task Sequences to be updated to 1709

We will be updating all three Windows 10 staff task sequences (IPU, Provisioning and Re-imaging) to install Windows 10 1709 on Friday 21st September. This is in-line with the agreed strategy of supporting the latest-but-one available version of Windows 10 in Microsoft’s Semi-Annual servicing channel (previously known as Current Branch for Business).

Users who are already on Windows 10 will be upgraded to 1709 in the near future.

In addition to the update to 1709, the following other changes will be made live:

  • Support for new OneDrive functionality, including Files on Demand
  • Java updated to Java 8 Update 172
  • .NET updated to version 4.7.2
  • Forced removal of QuickTime added to In-Place Upgrade task sequence


21/09/18– 08:30am-10:00am


Please contact our Service Desk at for more information.

Update to Windows 10 Staff Re-imaging Task Sequence on 14/09/18

The Windows 10 Re-imaging Task Sequences will be updated on Friday 14th September the current Task Sequence will be at risk during this period. It is therefore recommended that you do not attempt to image any Windows 10 staff computers at this time.

The following changes will made live:

  • Support for Stone 1210 desktop computers
  • Support for HP Z  legacy Workstations
  • Installation of RST Command Line Interface (Rstcli64.exe) on Optane capable computers
  • Installation of Setup Optane Memory Utility on Optane capable computers


14/09/18– 08:00am-10:00 am


Please contact our Service Desk at for more information