Windows 10 1709 Task Sequences Now Live – Introducing OneDrive Files on Demand

The Windows 10 1709 Task Sequences are now live.

Windows 10 1709 introduces the concept of “Files on Demand” to the OneDrive client. This allows users to access their files directly from the cloud rather than having to download all of their files to the local PC, which can be a problem for users of PCs with small hard drives or SSDs.

At present we have not enabled this feature by default, however users can enable it if they so wish. To do this, they should right-click their OneDrive icon, select Settings, go to the Settings tab and tick the box for Files on Demand there. This is advisable for any users who do not have the required disk space to download all of their files.

For more information on this, including how to ensure files are always available offline, please see

Please report any issues or queries to the IT Service Desk as usual.