Implementing “MAC Address Pass Through” on the Windows 10 service on 04/01/19

Many premium laptops no longer have an Ethernet Port. This necessitates the use of an USB to Ethernet Adapter when imaging, because SCCM does not support wireless imaging. However, each adapter has a unique MAC Address of its own, so all the machines images using a single adapter will appear to be the same to SCCM OSD. This causes various issues.

Dell (and some other manufacturers, but not Microsoft) use a system called “MAC Address Pass Through”. This allows SCCM to see a unique MAC address for each computer. To use this system you must use a Dell USB to Ethernet Adapter or Docking station and have the appropriate driver in the WinPE image on your Task Sequence Media.

Before “MAC Address Pass Through” will on the Windows 10 Service work, we need to update the Task Sequence Media and the Task Sequences with a new WinPE image.

The Windows 10 Task Sequences will be updated on Friday 4th January 2019 between 8:00am and 10:00am. All the Windows 10 Task Sequences (Staff and Labs) will be at risk during this period. It is recommended that you do not attempt to image any Windows 10 computers at this time.

Following the changes you will need to update your Task Sequence Media with a new version.


04/01/19– 08:00am-10:00 am


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