Symantec Anti-Virus Client Staff Rollout

The Symantec Anti-Virus Client 14.2 RU1 (14.2.3335.1000) will be deployed to staff machines across campus as per the rollout schedule below:

SEP 14 RU1 to IT Services – Wednesday 18/09/2019

SEP 14 RU1 to BU, FM, LB – Wednesday 25/10/2019

SEP 14 RU1 to All Support – Wednesday 02/10/2019

SEP 14 RU1 to Rest of Campus – Wednesday 09/10/2019

This new SEP Client provides support for Windows 10 1903. For more information on the SEP Client 14.2 RU1 please refer to the following link: The installation is silent and does not force a reboot. The live staff task sequence has already been updated with this new SEP version.

Update to Windows 10 Staff Re-Image Task Sequence

Dear Colleagues,

On Friday 13th September, from 8:00am to 9:00pm, the Windows 10 Staff Re-Image Task Sequence will be updated. The following changes are being made:

  • Using single driver package for a variety of Stone desktops
  • Add support for NUC8i5BEH
  • Update DisplayLink USB Driver to 9.2 MO

The Task Sequences will be at risk during this period. It is therefore recommended that you do not attempt to image any Windows 10 staff computers at this time.

Please contact our Service Desk at for more information