Update and Partial Removal of Java Client from Windows 10 Staff Service

Oracle Java has been part of the Windows Service for a very long time. It has been used with Internet Browsers via the Java Plugin. Many corporate services at Loughborough have been built using Oracle technology that requires Java.

However, over time, the use of Java has diminished in the wider world. All browsers, except Internet Explorer, have stopped supporting the Java Plugin. Many users want to use a modern browser such as Chrome or Edge, but some of Loughborough’s Corporate apps would only work with IE.

In addition, in January 2019 Oracle demanded that licenses must be purchased for using the Java client with non-Oracle systems. This has further reduced the popularity of Java amongst users.

The University’s Corporate Apps, especially LUSI, have now been modified to work with Oracle Forms Standalone Launcher and called the LUSI Menu System (LMS). A successful trial began early in 2020. However, full rollout was delayed due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. At the start of lockdown the trial was expanded, because the LUSI Menu System performed better over the VPN than the web based version. There are current around 260 installations of LMS on the Windows 10 Staff Service.

Starting next Monday (26th October) a series of changes will take place to complete the transition from running Java in Internet Explorer to Oracle Forms Standalone Launcher. On this date, the Java based forms will be removed from the web based corporate apps. Following on from this, the Java Client will be removed from all Windows Service staff client except those with the LUSI menu system installed. The version installed (11.0.8) will not include the Java plugs.

The Schedule for the update/removal of Java is as follows:-

28th October – IT Service and Careers
2nd November – Professional Services
4th November – Schools A-M
10th November – Schools N-Z

Please contact our Service Desk at it.services@lboro.ac.uk for more information