Microsoft Endpoint Protection – Windows 10 Staff Deployment

Microsoft Endpoint Protection will be rolled out across the Windows 10 Staff Service week commencing Monday 16th of November. Microsoft Endpoint Protection is basically Windows Defender managed by our SCCM system.

The postponable deployment package will:

1-Uninstall Symantec Anti Virus.
2-Reboot the computer.

Once the computer has been restarted Windows Defender will then become the active Anti Virus client on the machine. Windows Defender does not need installing as its already built into the Windows 10 operating system. The deployment package just enables it once Symantec has been removed.

Managed Windows 7 systems will remain on Symantec Anti Virus as Microsoft Endpoint Protection is not supported on this older operating system. Its also worth noting that we are already running Microsoft Endpoint Protection on our Labs service.


The current deployment schedule is as follows:

IT Services – Monday 16th November
Facilities Management and Imago Services – Monday 23rd November
All Support Staff – Monday 30th November
All Staff – Monday 7th December


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Please contact our Service Desk at if you have any issues or concerns.