Update Task Sequence Media to Oct17

The Task Sequence Media has now been updated and we can confirm that this has resolved the issue.


The files have been moved to \\ws2.lboro.ac.uk\DesktopResource\Windows\TaskSequenceMedia as the same media works for both Windows 7 and Windows 10. The latest version is TS_Media_Oct17.

The Provisioning Package is unaffected and does not need updating.

Windows 10 In-Place Upgrade early adoption

We are looking to begin the migration of staff users to Windows 10 later this calendar year. For existing Windows 7 Service PCs, we will be using an ‘In-Place Upgrade’ Task Sequence to upgrade the PC to Windows 10. Assuming the PC’s Windows 7 installation is in a healthy condition, this avoids the need to re-image and therefore having to backup and restore the user’s applications and files.

 We’d like to invite School IT, PC Tech Support and Service Desk staff to trial the latest Windows 10 build and upgrade process. This is still very much under development with new features being added all the time. As these features are added we will deploy them to any PCs that have already migrated, so you will not have to re-image your PC again later to get the final build.

 If you would like to try out the process and build, please submit a case to the EUC team with the same subject line as this e-mail and provide the PC name(s) you wish to migrate. These can be your main PC or a development/test PC, and it must be running the Windows 7 Staff service. Please do not provide PC names for machines used by non-IT staff end users.

Once we have the name of your PC we will check for any compatibility warnings returned by your PC(s) and advise you on any action required. We will also advertise the Task Sequence to you at that point.

The process can take up to a couple of hours during which you won’t be able to use the PC. For the full rollout we are therefore proposing that end users trigger the update at the end of the day and leave it running overnight. However, if you’d rather run it during the day (for example if you need to take your laptop home with you each night) then that is not a problem.  

If you have any questions regarding this or encounter any issues, please let us know via the Service Desk.

New Task Sequence Media (Jun17) for SCCM CB

Following the upgrade to SCCM Current Branch 1702, the Task Sequence Media has been updated to take advantage of new features introduced by Microsoft.

Most notably it is no longer necessary to restart the PC if no Task Sequences are found or the PC fails to find Task Sequence dependencies. In these cases, once the problem is resolved you should be able to start the process again without a reboot.

The new version can be found at \\ws2.lboro.ac.uk\DesktopResource\Windows\W7\common\TaskSequenceMedia\Current Branch.

The previous SCCM CB Task Sequence Media will continue to work on all but multi-boot iMacs in labs. However, as ever we recommend updating to the latest version.


Please contact our Service Desk at it.services@lboro.ac.uk for more information.

Task Sequence certificate renewals on SCCM 2007 system

We are currently in the process of renewing SCCM 2007 Task Sequence certificates.

Please be aware that you will be required to update your Task Sequence Media USBs/CDs tomorrow (Tuesday 7th), once the new certificates have been created.  We’ll inform you tomorrow morning, when we hope to have the new TS Media source files available.

The SCCM Current Branch system is unaffected by this issue.

Please report any further issues or queries to the Service Desk.

Changes in Casper to accommodate staff Mac support

Over the coming days and weeks we will be making some changes and additions to elements of Casper ahead of incorporating staff Macs into the system. This will be in extension of the work the School of Science IT staff already do for their staff Macs.

 This won’t directly affect how the Mac labs work or are structured within Casper. You will however notice that the labs Sites now all have ‘Labs’ on the end of their names to distinguish them from their staff counterparts, and some policies may have their scopes and/or names altered to prevent unwanted cross-‘contamination’ of the staff and labs services. Each School will have its own staff site, which we will provide the appropriate IT staff access to as has been done with the labs.

 There may also be changes to the OU structure under the Desktops/Mac OU in the AD. If this affects labs we will change the AD binding policies etc. to reflect this.

 There will be further communication regarding the staff Mac ‘service’ closer to rolling out; this message is just an FYI for any changes you notice. If you think anything has been changed incorrectly, please submit a case to the Service Desk as usual.

casper-dbase-pro reboots Friday 4th 9AM – 10AM

In order to test and implement an improved backup process for casper-dbase-pro, we will need to reboot the server a few times. We plan to do this on Friday (4th November) between 9AM and 10AM. The Casper Suite should be considered at risk between these times as a result, and we recommend not re-imaging any Macs at that time.

The service will be as normal from 10AM.

If this time is an issue for any of you, please let us know.

WORK COMPLETE – Casper Suite availability on Tuesday 25th October

The updates to the Casper Suite and the host server have now been completed successfully. You may now use the system again.

It is worth noting that we encountered an issue during testing with AD binding when re-imaging. We believe this has been resolved by re-entering the jdomain password into the JSS for each OU we have a directory binding for. However, should you encounter any issues with AD binding please submit a case in the usual manner.

Casper Suite unavailable on Tuesday 25th October

We need to update the Casper Suite to the latest version (v9.96) to add support for OS X Sierra and to remain in line with our Casper support model. We will also upgrade the casper-dbase-pro server to Sierra and install outstanding security updates.

 To allow time for this and the testing that will be required, Casper will be unavailable from 9AM on Tuesday 25th October. We hope to resume service by 4PM that day at the latest.

During this time you will not be able to netboot or image any Macs. Access to the JSS and Self Service will be sporadic so you are advised not to use them, and other Casper Suite utilities may no longer work. General usage of the Mac OS on Casper managed machines will not be affected.

Once the work is complete we will e-mail you and provide a link to download the latest Casper Suite utilities (i.e. Composer, Casper Remote etc.).

If there are any issues with doing this work on this date, please let us know ASAP.

Problem with SCCM Task Sequences

We currently have an issue with a driver package that is causing SCCM 2007 Task Sequences to fail immediately after selecting them. The error message reports being unable to find the source files for package CM100254.

 We are currently in the process of re-creating this package and re-adding it to the Task Sequences, so this issue will remain until we have completed this work (hopefully with the next hour or so). We will e-mail and update the blog when the issue is resolved.

 The Task Sequences affected are all PC Labs and PC Staff Task Sequences. Mac Task Sequences are not affected.

 Apologies for any inconvenience caused.