New Task Sequences Available for Macs

The following additional task sequences have been advertised:

  • A task sequence called “Windows 7 Service – 2015-16 Live for Macs” has been advertised to the “all known and unknown computers” collection.
  • A task sequence called “Windows 7 Service – 2015-16 Live Common for Macs” has been advertised to the All Labs collection.

These include fixes for the Windows deployments on Macs which occurred due to multiple partitions having different drive letters to expected.

There is no harm in using these for the PC’s and laptops but please try to run the correct one for ease of reporting.

MBiL Service 2015 Beta Build – released!

Release of MBiL Service 2015 Beta Build

The Yosemite image is now available.

What you need to do

Put in a case to requesting access to the Beta image and provide the OSX computer name you will use. We will then be able to ensure all policies are applied to your beta image.

Please ensure you delete the computer record in Casper JSS after netbooting but before imaging so that you can use the self-service app to netboot but have a fresh computer record in the JSS.

Select the configuration called “[Single] 2015 MbiL OSX Beta”.

This binds to the AD OU “MBil-2015-Beta”.

This Yosemite configuration is only supported when you netboot using the “Netboot for Yosemite” image.  You will find this in self-service under service configuration and the Featured page.


Unfortunately there are problems we are still encountering with either Capser 9.72 or Yosemite or both.  We have therefore released a configuration without some core applications which are currently breaking the enrolment into the Casper JSS. We have several cases in with JAMF and Jigsaw to help resolve this as quickly as possible.

This configuration includes:

Yosemite core image 10.10.3

Core apps:

  • EFI Print Messenger
  • Google chrome 43-0-2357-81
  • Microsoft office 2011 (updated)
  • Numbers 3-5-3
  • Pages 5-5-3
  • Safari configuration
  • Silverlight 5-1
  • Symbola Font
  • Text Wrangler

The following are also included but haven’t changed since last year:

  • Hide Folders
  • LU TimeServer
  • Core Dock
  • Mouse Settings
  • Dashboard settings
  • Desktop settings
  • Language and input settings


The beta testing period will continue until the end of June and the final build will be released in July.

Can I get more information and help:

Contact the IT Service Desk via or on extension 222333.

Planned Maintenance: Casper Suite upgrade to 9.7.2

Casper Suite is being upgraded to version 9.7.2.

The Casper Suite will be unavailable while the upgrade and testing are carried out. It will therefore not be possible to image the Mac OS or use the Self Service app on Macs using the Casper Suite. There may also be brief periods (<2 minutes) where users logging into the Mac OS may not get their personal workspace mapped automatically whilst the Casper server reboots.

The Windows 7 Service partition of MBiL computers will be unaffected by this maintenance.

We will let you know when the work is complete and anticipate this to be by the end of today.


Certificates Renewed and Task Sequence Media Updated.

The SCCM 2007 OS deployment and web server certificates have been renewed. The SCCM Task Sequence Media has been updated. As a result, the latest Task Sequence Media is now TS_Media_x64_Mar15.

Your task sequence media will stop working tonight and you will need to update your USB sticks or CDs to the latest version. This is available from \\\DesktopResource\Windows\W7\common\TaskSequenceMedia.

Note that the wallpaper on the boot image now reads Boot media created “10th March 2015”, and some Viglen network drivers have been added.

To recreate the Task Sequence Media, follow the instructions \\\DesktopResource\Windows\W7\common\Procedures\Installing Windows 7 Service V2-1.docx

As the boot image package has changed there will be a different boot image in custom task sequences which leads to an extra download and reboot at the beginning. We have updated any custom task sequences we are aware of being used in Mac labs to prevent this breaking the Mac imaging process. We have updated the LIVE task sequence and the template and all other task sequences will continue to work.

If you want to update your custom task sequence to speed it up then:

Right click your task sequence and go to properties
Select the advanced tab
At “Use a boot image” select browse
Select x64\SCCMSP2x64_Mar15 US en-US and OK
Click Ok to close the task sequence properties.

The April 2014 Task sequence media will stop working tonight. The new boot media image is now available.
Please contact the IT Service Desk: , 01509 222333.

Live Task Sequence Change – Adding support for iMac models

The “Windows 7 Service – 2014-15 LIVE task sequence” and template will be unavailable between 08:30 – 09:00 Friday 24th October.

We will be adding specific drivers for iMac 11,2, iMac 12,2, iMac 14,4 and the appropriate bootcamp package. These changes have been tested successfully in Comp Sci and SBE.

Please don’t try to run the “Windows 7 Service – 2014-15 LIVE task sequence” until after 09:00 as the task sequence will fail when the change is made.

Kind Regards,

IT Services



Labs – Matlab 2014a Download Problems – ongoing

A large number of SCCM clients waiting for Matlab were stuck on waiting for content.  This was due to server side rules blocking some file types.  This has been resolved so clients can download and install Matlab.

Unfortunately, there appears to be a secondary issue where clients are not receiving policies which could kick start this install. We are continuing to look into this as a matter of urgency but in the mean time if Matlab is required for teaching we recomend logging on to run the advert from “run advertised programs” which will take about 20 minutes.

Kind Regards,

IT Services

Staff Image Change – Current SCCM Slowness

The staff image has been taking a long time to finish, putting extra load on the servers.  As a result of often finishing after 1am there are duplicate records in SCCM and no applications will install while a duplicate record exists.  We are checking this frequently and can resolve them by removing the duplicates in the morning.

In order to speed up the imaging we are changing the staff image to use multicast at the end of today. This will not affect running task sequences. You will notice a 5 minute countdown when the image is downloaded via multicast from now on.

The current slow image and application deployment issue on the SCCM servers is ongoing, however, the above change should help while IT staff are imaging batches of staff machines.

Also, the staff image has been reported to freeze at the software updates section which means there are too many updates to go on.  We are therefore rolling out an updated staff image with some of these updates installed on Friday 18th September 08:00 – 8:30  – this will also speed up the staff image task sequence deployment.

Please do not use the Windows 7 Service 2014-15 LIVE task sequence or the task sequence template at this time. 

Deployment failures today – Update

IT Staff have been experiencing some failures today due to hash value mismatches.

We have identified 4 packages which were having the problem:

  • Remove Outlook 2010
  • EFI Digital Storefront Print Messenger v7.0.0.2039
  • Cyberlink YouCam
  • Synaptics TouchPad

We have removed these from SCCM-distro6 in order to resolve the issue.  This appeared to be caused by a combination of the distribution point being extremely busy, being full and therefore not refeshing the packages when we tried to this morning.

Please inform us if you have hash mismatch errors on any other package.

Please also ensure you have removed any unrequired image packages from SCCM.

Kind Regards,

DMS Team