Updated KB – MBiL Mac stuck on ‘Performing final installation tasks screen’

A couple of cases have been reported of Macs stuck on ‘Performing final installation tasks screen’ and unlike the original KB article issue, they have successfully bound to the AD.

In these cases the issue was caused by the Jamf client if the iMacs were imaged before the Casper server was upgraded and then re-imaged after. The solution to this is to locally remove the ‘Performing final installation tasks screen’, delete the computer object from the JSS and the AD and re-image.

The KB article KB0010990  has been updated to include this.

HP Power Cord Recall

We will shortly be asking all staff to check their laptop/docking station’s power cord to see if they have one of the cables identified by HP to be recalled.

We are trying to arrange for HP to provide a stock of replacement cables so that if we do find any of the cables that need replacing we can swap them out without leaving the end user without power until the new cable arrives.

We are also keen that this is a swap out rather than sending people a new additional cable to make sure that potentially faulty cables are removed from use.

If you have any questions please contact the IT Service Desk at it.services@lboro.ac.uk

SCCM Troubleshooting and OSD deployment Training Session Documentation Available

The training session presentations on SCCM troubleshooting and OSD deployment procedure can be found on the desktop resources share for reference.

They can be found in the following location:

\ws2.lboro.ac.ukDesktopResourceWindowsW7commonProceduresIT Staff Training


SCCM OSD Deployments Refresh.pptx


These are not designed to be detailed instructions and required being at the training session to understand the concepts in full.

Labs Power Management Change

We are changing the power management policy for all Labs as follows:

  • The computers will NOT shutdown automatically after half an hour.
  • The computers will still wake up at 03:00.
  • The computers will be rebooted if not logged on at 08:00.

This is to ensure computers have time to obtain all deployed applications as quickly as possible after they are re-imaged.  This is particularly useful this year due to having a greater number of packaged and virtual applications. This will become effective within the next few days. The policy will be reverted to set computers to shut down after half an hour at evenings and weekends when term starts.

Kind Regards,

IT Services

Capture Task Sequence Testing – Ongoing

We have made changes to the makeready script used in the capture task sequence. The message boxes have successfully been restored to inform of the task sequence continuing and any failures at the logon prompt. The capture task sequence is active however full testing of this is not complete and we will let you know when all tests are clear later on today.

Kind Regards,

IT Services