SCCM 2007 unavailable until the 04/01/2016

SCCM 2007 unavailable

The SCCM 2007 server infrastructure is currently switched off. This is to ensure that any remediation work that may need to take place over Christmas to workspaces will not affect the SCCM 2007 service.


During this time, your PCs will not receive software updates and deployments (including new virtual apps) and you will not be able to run Check for Updates.

OS deployments or image capturing are also unavailable.

We intend to bring the service back online by 9AM on the 4th January. We will inform you when this has been done.


Wednesday 23rd  December – Monday 04th January 2016  approximately 9:AM


If you have any queries regarding this, please contact the IT Service Desk via

Planned Maintenance: Update Task Sequence Core Images to the latest patched versions

Task Sequences and Core Images

The current task sequences contain core images which were created during the summer.  These will have patches that were available at that time.  The work that is being undertaken will update the core images to the most recent patch level.  This will reduce the amount of patches required post imaging and speed up the process.


IT Staff will not be able to use the IT services task sequences while we update the images.


The change is planned to take place on 20th November 2015 between 8am and 10am.  We will notify you once the work is completed.  Please consider the task sequences at risk until we notify you that the work has been carried out.


If you have any queries regarding this please contact the Service Desk at

Delete PCs WAM task available again

We have resolved the issues with the WAM task for deleting managed PCs from the AD and SCCM. The task is therefore once again available via the WAM interface at

The task has been modified to allow you to delete any managed PC from the AD or SCCM regardless of which OU/collection it is in. Please therefore be extra careful to only remove the records that you intend to.

Additionally, we have removed the ‘Advertise software’ WAM task. This task was rarely used and out of date, and the need for it is being reviewed as part of the SCCM 2012 project. If you would like an application to be advertised to a PC, and you don’t have permission to advertise the application yourself using the SCCM console, please continue to submit requests for this via the IT Service Desk.

Should you encounter any issues with WAM, please submit a case to the IT Service Desk using the links provided in WAM.


SCCM service at risk until testing is complete

The SCCM service is now available again following yesterday’s emergency patching of the underlying VMWare infrastructure. However, the service should be considered at risk while we test fixes related to issues reported by IT staff prior to yesterday’s downtime.

We will advise you when this testing has been successfully completed.

If you require further information, please contact the IT Service Desk on

Casper-dbase shutdown/startup tonight for power outage


The server will be turned off tonight at 5pm and started up again tomorrow at 9.30am. During this time the JSS, netboot and all other Casper server functionality will be unavailable.


If you have any queries regarding this, please contact the IT Service Desk via<> or on extension 222333.


SCCM unavailable after 10:00pm on the 16/09/2015

Due to the planned power outage in the Haslegrave Data Centre, SCCM will be unavailable from 10:00pm on the 16/09/2015.


  1. Please do not carry out any W7 Imaging this evening as it may fail when the servers are shutdown.
  2. Software Deployments, Updates and Check for Updates will not work during this time.


If you have any queries regarding this, please contact the IT Service Desk via<> or on extension 222333.

New Task Sequences Available for Macs

The following additional task sequences have been advertised:

  • A task sequence called “Windows 7 Service – 2015-16 Live for Macs” has been advertised to the “all known and unknown computers” collection.
  • A task sequence called “Windows 7 Service – 2015-16 Live Common for Macs” has been advertised to the All Labs collection.

These include fixes for the Windows deployments on Macs which occurred due to multiple partitions having different drive letters to expected.

There is no harm in using these for the PC’s and laptops but please try to run the correct one for ease of reporting.

Windows 7 Service -2015-16 Live and Labs Common Task Sequence Change – Image Failure due to Corrupt Package

The issues which resulted in the Live, Common and Exported Task Sequences failing at the ‘Check for Minimum Hardware Requirements step has now been resolved. Test builds this morning have been successful.

It is now safe to commence building systems on the Windows 7 Service


Please contact the IT Service Desk on or see the End User Computing team blog

Software allocation to ITS labs – urgent

Please can you let us know via the software request systems ( which labs require the software you previously requested to be installed.

The following applications have not been requested for any labs:-

Vendor Application Name Version OS
TechSoft 2D Design Latest Available Windows
(Unknown Vendor) 3D Printer Software (TBC) Latest Available Windows
Autodesk 3DS Max Design 2014 Windows
(Unknown Vendor) A.D.P 5.1 Windows
Biovia AccelrysDraw 4.1 Windows
Adobe After Effects Creative Cloud Windows
Autodesk Alias 2014 Windows
Google Android Studio android-studio-bundl Windows
Google Android Studio Latest Available Mac
Apple Apple Motion Latest Available Mac
OpenSource Arduiono IDE Latest Available Windows
Autodesk AutoCAD 2016 Windows
Autograph Autograph Latest Available Windows
avidigitiser AVI Digitiser Latest Available Windows
Axure Axure-RP Pro 7 Windows
Basic Micro Inc Basic Micro Studio Latest Available Windows
Parallax Basic stamp editor Latest Available Windows
Kistler Bioware Latest Available Windows
Vicon BodyBuilder 3.6.1 Windows
ARM C51 uVision IDE Latest Available Windows
Tech Smith Camtasia 8.x Windows
CCS Candy Latest Available Windows
CCS Candy QTO Latest Available Windows
ACD/LABS Chemsketch 2015 Windows
Texas Instruments Code Composer Studio 4 Windows
Crocodile Clips Crocodile Technology 6.1 Windows
CST CST Studio Suite Latest Available Windows
ADePT Design Suite 1.4 2014 R2 Windows
DesignBuilder DesignBuilder Windows
DesignBuilder DesignBuilder 3.x Windows
RS Components Designspark PCB Latest Available Windows
Sedimetrics Digital Gravelometer Latest Available Windows
Autodesk DWG Trueview Latest Available Windows
Google Earth 7.1 Windows
Adobe Edge Animate Creative Cloud Mac
CCDC enCIFer 1.5.1 Windows
EERE EnergyPlus 8.3 Windows
Enthought Enthought Canopy Latest Available Windows
US EPA EPANET 2.00.12 Windows
Microsoft Expression Encoder Pro Latest Available Windows
Dr Steve Tarleton (Chem Eng) Filter Design Software Latest Available Windows
Apple Final Cut Pro X Latest Available Mac
ATMEL FLIP Latest Available Windows
Fullproof Team Fullproof Suite Latest Available Windows
Fullproof Team Fullproof Suite Latest Available Windows
Heinrich-Heine-Universität D� G*Power Latest Available Windows
Sgrillo GE-Graph 2.2.21 Windows
GenX GenX 2.3.6 Windows
GenX GenX Latest Available Mac
Geogebra Geogebra 4.03 Windows
Gephi Gephi 0.8.2 beta Windows
GitHub GitHub Latest Available Windows
OpenSource GNU Octave Windows
Gnuplot gnuplot Latest Available Mac
Gpg4win community Gpg4win 2.2.4 Windows
ATM Grid Algebra Latest Available Windows
Contiki Instant Contiki 2.6 Windows
Autodesk Inventor 2014 Windows
(Unknown Vendor) ITEM Game Player Latest Available Windows
JASP JASP Stats Latest Available Mac
JASP JASP Stats Latest Available Windows
Oracle Java SE Development Kit 8u_45 Windows
ARM KP51 uVision IDE Latest Available Windows
National Instruments Labview Latest Available Windows
Adobe Lightroom Creative Cloud Windows
SKP LiveWeb Latest Available Windows
New Wave Concepts Livewire 1.3 Windows
Linear Technology LTSpice Latest Available Windows
PTC MathCAD 14 Latest Available Windows
ARM Mbed Serial Driver Latest Available Windows
ARM MDK-ARM uVision IDE Latest Available Windows
CCDC Mercury latest Windows
AWR Microwave office Latest Available Windows
MikTex Project MikTex with TexNicCenter 2.9.4503 Windows
Centre for Multilevel Modellin MLwiN Latest Available Windows
Monark Monark Latest Available Windows
Autodesk Navisworks 2015 Windows
Vicon Nexus 1.7.1 Windows
Notepad++ Team Notepad++ 6.7.4 Windows
NS2 NS2 Latest Available Windows
OpenStudio OpenStudio Latest Available Windows
OriginLab Origin Latest Available Windows
dotPDN Paint.Net 3.59.0 Windows
New Wave Concepts PCB Wizard 3.7 Windows
Open Ergonomics PeopleSize Professional 2008 Windows
CHAM Phoenics 2014 Windows
Polar Polar Precision Performance Latest Available Windows
Vicon Polygon 3.5.1 Windows
Polymath Software Polymath Latest Available Windows
Asta PowerProject 12.5b27 Windows
Adobe Premiere Pro Creative Cloud Windows
Pro-Curo Pro-Curo Latest Available Windows
ETH Zurich Processing MODFLOW 5.32 Windows
IUCr publCIF 1.9.18 Windows
Python Community Python Latest Available Mac
Python Community Python Python x64 3.4.3 Windows
OpenSource R for Statistics 2.13.2 Windows
OpenSource R Studio 0.97 Windows
Autodesk Revit 2015 Windows
SAP SAP GUI 7.2 Windows
Computers and Structures, Inc. SAP2000 15.2.1 Windows
SAS SAS Educational Analytical Suite Latest Available Windows
Siesmsoft SeismoArtif Latest Available Windows
Siesmsoft SeismoSignal Latest Available Windows
George Sheldrick ShelXL with ShelXLE latest Windows
SiliconCoach SiliconCoach Latest Available Windows
Simul8 Simul8 with Statfit 2014 Ver 21.0 Windows
Simventure Simventure 4.8 Windows
Autodesk Sketchbook Pro 2014 Windows
Microsoft Skype for Business Latest Available Windows
IBM SPSS 22 Windows
ISEE Systems Stella 10.0.6 Windows
Kern Technology Group Task Architect V3 Windows
Analytic Technologies Ucinet 6 Windows
IES VE-Pro Latest Available Windows
Visual Paradigm Visual Paradigm Latest Available Windows
VMware VMware Player 7.1.0 Windows
University of Waikato weka 3.6.12 Windows
ReSoft Windfarm Latest Available Windows
FP Complete WinHugs Sept 2006 Windows
Design Simulation Technologies Working Model 2D 9 Windows
EMPIRE Xccel Latest Available Windows
Crocodile Clips Yenka 3.4.2 Windows


The procedure for requesting deployment quite straightforward:-
1.Login to
2.Click on the button labelled as “Request software location”
3.Select the Operating System required
4.Select the application from the drop down list
5.A list of labs where the application has already been requested will appear
6.Select “Request lab(s) for this app”
7.A table of labs will appear
8.Click on the tick box next to the labs where the software is required
9.Click on Submit
10.An acknowledgement dialog will appear

Thank you for your assistance