When to attach?

When should you attach a file to your email and when not? This is usually dependant on how many people you are emailing and whether they are internal to the University or external. The below table provides some basic guidelines:

1-3 recipients 4+ recipients
Internal audience Yes No*
External audience Yes Yes

*In such cases it is always better to put the file on the staff filestore (i.e. Y drive) under the appropriate folder (e.g. “store – interim”) and then email people saying where they can find it.

How to keep applications on your taskbar or start menu

If you have a set of programs you use regularly then you can make their icons stay on the taskbar or at the top of the start menu for easy access by pinning them.

To pin the application to your taskbar right click on the applications icon and select “Pin to Taskbar” and to pin it to your start menu select “Pin to Start Menu” instead.

As well as being able to quickly start any application that you have pinned to your taskbar you can also right click on its icon and be presented with a number of options specific to that application (e.g. a list of documents you have recently been editing in it).

To remove and application that has been pinned to the taskbar or start menu you just need to right click on its icon and select the “unpin this program from taskbar” or “Unpin from Start Menu” option.

Scan to Email

When using the staff printer/copier to scan documents the default “email To” option is yourself. Whilst this can be changed (so as to email the scan directly to someone else) this isn’t recommended because:

  • It’s always a good idea to check the scanned image is readable before forwarding it to someone else, otherwise they will only contact you back to have the document re-scanned
  • Emailing it to yourself then forwarding it on means a copy of the document will be in your sent box in outlook just in case you need to refer to it (e.g. to resend in case the other person has deleted the email)

What job to print?

If you log in to one of the printer/copies and choose the Pull Print option you may be accosted by a list of jobs you sent to print. If you only want to print some of these but can’t remember which ones, then a good tip is to click on the Info button on the bottom right-hand side of the touchscreen.

The will then give you some additional information, such as the number of pages and when you sent the document to print, that may help to decide if it is the right job to print.