How big are my Outlook email folders?

Looking to weed your Outlook email? Wondering how much space your email folders are taking? It is easy to find out the total size of your emails or size of individual folders. All you have to do is:

  1. Right click on your Inbox
  2. Select Properties from the context menu
  3. On the General tab click on the Folder size button
  4. Outlook will generate details on total and sub folder sizes

This information might help you to decide which folders to target for a good clearout.

Out of Office email

If you are lucky enough to be away from the office for a length of time you might, or might not want to let people know that you are away and the date you return. So, in Outlook 2010 select the File tab and click the Automatic Replies (Out of Office) button. Enter your message for people Inside My Organization (Loughborough University Exchange Email – not students) and repeat for people Outside My Organization (including Students and Alumni). Note the additional options for My Contacts only or Anyone outside my organization when setting an out of office reply to people outside Loughborough University.

Minimize the Ribbon

If that pesky Microsoft Office Ribbon is taking up too much space on screen, don’t fret, just hide all the formatting options out of the way for a while. To do this, follow these simple steps:

Click on the Minimize Ribbon icon above the Ribbon on the right, or press Ctrl+F1.Minimize Ribbon

Note: you still have access to the formatting options by clicking on the Tab you want. To hide the formatting options again click on the Pin icon above the Ribbon on the right.Pin Icon

To reinstate all the formatting options click on the Expand the Ribbon icon  or Ctrl+F1.Expand Ribbon

Image editing software

Ever wondered what software to use for editing images you want to use in your presentations or reports? Why not give Microsoft Picture Manager a try! To help you familiarise yourself with the features it offers we have produced a basic guide to MS Picture Manager.
Picture Manager

Picture Manager

 When you are ready to start editing take a look at our post on Editing images for the Web and MS Office.

Print preview

Where has the print preview option gone in Office 2010? It is actually much easier to preview your document in Office 2010 than it was in Office 2007. Simply click on the File tab and select Print. This gives you access to printer options and previews your document. Use the options at the bottom of the preview window to navigate your document and to zoom in/put.

To navigate use the left right arrows or type in a page number in the box provided.Page Navigation

To zoom in/out or reset the page use the -, + or Zoom to Page options.Page Zoom