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Loughborough’s Guinness World Record Success

11 November 2015

2 mins

To celebrate #GWRday, we’ve taken a look at some of Loughborough’s Guinness World Record successes.

Woolly winter winners

What: this is our most recent (confirmed) world record and gave our students, staff and the local community the chance to don their festive threads. We also managed to raise over £3,000 for charity – a success all round we think you’ll agree!

When: 10th December 2014

Who: 1175 people, (made up of students, staff and the local community)


Left to right – Vice-Chancellor Robert Allison, 2014/15 Mayoress Mrs. Pauline Day, 2014/15 LSU President Rob Whittaker, 2014/15 Mayor of Charnwood Paul Day

Take a look at the video from the day: 

A cricket marathon!

What: Loughborough University Staff Cricket Club hold the record for ‘Longest Cricket Marathon’. The two teams played 19 matches, equalling 150 hours and 14 minutes of game time and totalling 12,728 runs.  That’s a lot of cricket and the story was covered by the BBC!  The team also raised over £10,000 for a children’s cancer charity.

When: 24th – 30th June 2012

Between 24 – 30 June 2012,

Bouncing into the record books

What: Graduate Becky White was seeking to regain the title of most people bouncing on trampolines at the same time. We’re still waiting to hear from Guinness World Records, but we’re 99% sure that Becky and 330 supporters beat the current record. Winners!

When: 9th September 2015


What’s next?

Look out for more info on our next Christmas Jumper Day #LoughXmas in the coming weeks. Can we top last year’s figure?


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