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Balancing study and commitments

14 May 2019

3 mins

One of the great things about being at university is that there is so much to get involved with! However, this can mean that you have a lot of responsibilities and that balancing work with other commitments can be hard. Here are our top tips on how to solve this!

1.  Manage your time

Creating a calendar that allows you to see your deadlines and exams alongside other commitments and events, will give you a clearer mind of what you need to do. Managing your time well can make you feel more relaxed and it will help stop you from stressing. You can find tools to help you plan and advice here.

2.  Study with friends

If you’re struggling to find time to see your friends, why not study with them? Working with your friends is a great way to socialise and it can be helpful too! They can proof-read your work and help to generate new ideas. There are a lot of different areas on campus where you can find group spaces, check out the blog here to get a list of some.

3.  Find a routine and stick to it

Starting a daily routine can help you feel more in control, which will help you deal with the stress of exams. By doing this it will also allow you to build in important things such as exercising or your job.

4.  Prioritise

Start prioritising from the very start of the exam season as it will help you with your time management. Making a to-do list each day or week will help you to highlight what is urgent and then what could wait a couple of days, making sure you never miss a deadline!

5.  Be positive

Having a positive attitude to your work and other commitments will make them more enjoyable and you are likely to be more successful. If you’re struggling with a piece of coursework maybe it’s time to take a break to see your friends or work on something else. Then go back to it with a more positive outlook.

6.  Have time to yourself

When rushing around from the library to meetings don’t forget to take some time to yourself! Over the busy period take a step back to read a book, listen to music and focus on yourself for a bit. This will help you collect your thoughts and allow you to refocus on what needs to be done.

7.  Be honest

Sometimes things might get in the way and you will feel overwhelmed. Don’t worry about being honest with yourself and others that you are struggling and ask for help. You can also contact Student Advice and Support Service for free, confidential and impartial advice on anything during your time here. Their contact details can be found here.

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