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Life as a Student Recruitment Intern

6 April 2023

3 mins

Hello, my name is Harry, I’m a Chemical Engineering student and I’m currently working as a Student Recruitment Intern in the Schools and Colleges Liaison team. Compared to my degree, this is a very different job, but it provides me the unique opportunity to develop and refine my communications skills in a different way.

Harry, student recruitment on a rugby pitch smiling with hand on his hip
Harry – Student Recruitment Intern

Describe your typical workday:

For me, one of the best things about this role is the boredom-defying, day-to-day variation in my calendar. One of the main responsibilities of my role is to visit schools and events centres across the country; hosting stands at careers fairs and giving advice and guidance talks to young people, all in the hope that I provide most of the information (and a little of the inspiration) that they need to consider going on to higher education, particularly here at Loughborough.

When I am not at events, I am often organising and managing nights-away and transport for before and after them, working on projects such as campus visit and experience days, creating social media content, or using my STEM skillset to digitally-mentor school pupils in the local area in Maths and Science – a really rewarding experience. the latter is one of the many things which the flexibility of this role allows for; when I’m not away eventing, I have some choice to pick and choose what I get involved which is helpful for my personal development and general interest.

What achievement are you proudest of in your role?

I was recently given the opportunity to help with the organisation and delivery of Inspiring Minds STEM, one of our university taster days. I presented in front of 150 people at the start of the day and led a Q&A session with an alumni panel; something which has truly consolidated my public speaking confidence.

What have you learnt while being an Intern?

As I am developing and settling into my role, I have been able to further enhance my project and time-management skills too, something which will be useful to me in my widely different career as an engineer in the future. I have also become aware of so much more about the university, especially the hard work going on to widen participation in university study amongst young people ensuring that everyone regardless has equality of opportunity in Higher Education.

What is your favourite part of the role?

For me, the best part about the role has been interacting with young people, and in many cases, giving them that hope and advice they need to be pushed that little bit further towards applying to university. I was very much in their position 6 years ago, and I like to think I can pass on some of the advice which I wish someone had given me at their age. 

What advice would you give for anyone going for an Intern position?

When going into your internship position I would advise you to go in with an open and keen mind; try and get involved in things which interest you and that will develop the skills you want to improve upon, as there is scope for personal and professional development. 

I can honestly say that I look forward to work each day. The team are the friendliest people I have ever worked with but also very organised and conscientious professionals, who want the best for the university and the young people. 

If you would like more information about the Internships within Marketing and Advancement, click here.

The application deadline is the 23rd April.

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