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Marketing and Advancement Internships: Hear from our current Interns

19 May 2020

10 mins

Applications are now open for passionate and talented Loughborough University graduates and Part B students to join our award-winning Marketing and Advancement Team.

Successful candidates will gain valuable experience working in a fast-paced, motivated team who go above and beyond to deliver stand-out marketing for a top UK University.

Does this sound like you? Well, before you start putting together your application, we asked a few of our current interns to give you their top tips for applying for a role, a brief overview of what they’ve enjoyed most about their year, and a few lessons that they’ve learnt along the way!

Ella Kirby

Web & Digital Marketing Intern

Ella is a recent Loughborough Graduate, completing her degree in Politics and International Relations (BA) in 2019.

“During my internship I’ve gained invaluable skills in a variety of different roles within digital marketing. From creating engaging content for all the University’s social media channels, developing and redeveloping websites and working with the video production team.”

Top tips for applying

Talk about how you’ve contributed to the University during your time as a student, whether that be a committee role, raising money for RAG or partaking in sports – prove that you have the passion!

Most memorable moment

I loved being a part of the Open Day in September. Taking a lead in social media coverage but also helping visitors with directions and advice across campus enforced the feeling of being part of the Lboro Family.

How will your internship benefit you in the future?

Being able to work in such a variety of roles has enabled me to discover which areas of digital marketing I enjoy the most. It’s hugely helped narrow my choice for my future career.

Emily Peers

Student Recruitment Marketing Intern

Emily is a recent Loughborough Graduate, completing her degree in Sports Science with Management (BSc) in 2019.

Within my role I get the opportunity to do so many different activities and projects. Every day I look forward to going into work to complete my current project or get stuck into something new.

Most memorable moment

Seeing my Women in Engineering project go live as this was my first large project I was trusted to lead. Also, working on the Loughborough London 2019 Graduation Ceremony doing the social media takeover and helping with the event in general.

What have you gained from your internship?

Confidence 100%. I’m no longer nervous to put forward ideas in meetings, always ask for feedback and am keen to input on projects that are often outside my comfort zone.

A lesson you will take away from this year?

Ask to be involved in as much as you can manage as the experience and skills you gain will make you a more rounded employee and individual.

Lucia Infante

Marketing Intern for the School of Social Sciences and Humanities

Lucia is a current Loughborough student on her placement year, studying International Relations (BA).

“I love my role as I get to learn a lot about the University and the different subject areas within my school, I have gained so many skills I never thought I would learn or need, and I do something different and interesting every day.”

Most memorable moment

One of the great things about this role is the fact that there are several memorable moments. I feel extremely lucky to have this role as it enables me to meet really interesting people. I have met a Lord, an expert in climate change, a visiting space expert from the Royal Air Force Air Warfare Centre, and a member of the team that installed the highest weather stations in the world in Mount Everest! I also filmed a video with an academic from Politics and International Relations which got 1.4k views!

What have you gained from your internship?

The ability to respond to problems under pressure and learn how to work in a professional environment. This has helped me feel more capable and gain confidence.

How will your internship benefit you in the future?

It will give me valuable experience and skills that can be applied to different jobs, and it has given me a head start for when I apply to post-graduate jobs.

Amber Vinkauskaite

Marketing Intern for the School of Business and Economics

Amber is a recent Loughborough Graduate, completing her degree in Communication and Media (BSc) in 2019.

“My role includes managing the school’s social media channels and implementing social media campaigns in line with our social media content plan, managing the school’s website as well as a marketing team email and contributing to organising and helping with events.”

Top tips for applying

Give yourself enough time to complete the application! Look through the requirements and essential criteria and address it in your application. When preparing for the interview, think about your experience in the field and prepare to give specific examples of how you meet the criteria. And most importantly, stay calm and be yourself!

What have you gained from your internship?

My internship has taught me many useful skills: I deepened my knowledge in social media and paid advertising, I’ve learned how to lead on projects as well as work independently and within a team. I’ve also had a chance to learn what is student recruitment marketing and how it works.

A lesson you will take away from this year

As an intern you have to make sure to show initiative – the opportunities are endless! Really think about what you truly enjoy doing and try to get as much experience in that field as possible!

Georgia O’Keefe

Alumni Engagement Intern

Georgia is a Loughborough Graduate, completing her degree in History and International Relations (BA) in 2018.

“My role has been really varied and I’ve constantly learnt new things throughout. It’s also been a great way to ease me into the world of work following my degree.”

Top tips for applying

Focus on the specific internship you’re applying for and emphasise why that role interests you the most. Showing your willingness to learn new skills and highlighting your enthusiasm for Loughborough is also important!

Most memorable moment

I’ve really enjoyed meeting with alumni at various events and campus reunions, but a standout memory has to be attending the Hall of Fame dinner alongside lots of Loughborough sporting legends.

A lesson you’ll take away from this year

One lesson I’ll take away from this year is to step out of my comfort zone and to put myself out there more!

Mia Schroder

Student Recruitment Intern

Mia is a current Loughborough student on her placement year, studying Retailing, Marketing and Management (BSc).

“I’ve helped in recruitment, even getting to lead an interview panel, managed budgets and developed my own sessions. I enjoy the role because it’s so varied – I also get to travel a lot and meet lots of people which is fun.”

Top tips for applying

My top tip for applying would be to make sure you really sell yourself by checking off each point on the job description, and making sure you have an example to demonstrate why you’d be a great fit for the role .

What have you gained from your internship?

I’ve gained a lot from the internship – lots of skills, especially project management and managing my time properly, but also lots of friends because my team are really great! I know so much more about marketing because of the job so I’ll benefit in the future as I can apply it to the final year of my degree, as well as taking the skills I’ve gained into any future roles. It’s interesting to see how your team fits into a bigger organisation, and how your role can impact other areas of a business!

A lesson you’ll take away from this year

A lesson I will take away from this year is to just go for it – at the start of the year I would second-guess myself and my ability to do certain tasks that I don’t even think twice about now! If you want to get involved in a project or shadow somebody, just ask, because the chances are they’ll say yes and you can learn so much from it.

Eleanor Raitt

Student Recruitment Intern

Eleanor is a current Loughborough student on her placement year, studying Sports Science with Management (BSc).

“My main role this year has been to represent the University at School/Colleges HE Fairs as well as at UCAS fairs. I like that this role has so much variety and that I got the opportunity to visit new places.”

Most memorable moment

I organised a Creative Community Day for the local community with a Colleague. It was great to see the local community coming together and enjoying the activities we’d planned.

What have you gained from your internship?

I have gained key presentation skills. During this internship I have had the opportunity to create and deliver presentations to different audiences. This will really benefit me, when I go into my final year studying at Loughborough and in the future world of work.

Emily Millen

Graphic Design Intern

Emily is a recent Loughborough Graduate, completing her degree in Graphic Communication and Illustration (BA) in 2019.

“My role is to assist the other designers in the team with various print and web-based tasks which is anything from creating artwork for bus shelters to social media assets. I love the variety of the work I get to do each day and it’s great to be able see my designs pop-up all over campus.”

What have you gained from your internship?

I definitely feel more confident in terms of designing for clients now than I did at the start of the internship. This was a great opportunity to work alongside an amazing design team who were always happy to help me develop my design skills and show me tips and pointers along the way. I had this nervousness of ‘what to expect in my first design role’ before I started, but the team made it incredibly easy for me to fit right in and apply my skills from my degree and put them into a studio setting

How will your internship benefit you in the future?

I am really pleased I applied for this role because I feel it’s been so beneficial in terms of getting on the industry ladder and I feel very lucky to have been offered the opportunity to work with the Creative and Print design team this year, before moving on to the next step in my career. A lot of junior design roles ask for at least a years’ experience, which I now have and therefore I’m more employable!

A lesson you will take away from this year

Always be up for trying new experiences and if you have an idea- share it! Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and make the most of any training/courses that you can enrol on as part of your internship year.

If you would like more information about the Internships within Marketing and Advancement, click here. To apply, click here.

The application deadline is the 28th June.

Good luck!

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