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You’ve got this! Revision and coursework advice

20 December 2019

2 mins

With exams and coursework deadlines coming up, university might seem a little overwhelming. It might be tricky to know where to start, so we’ve come up with 6 top study tips to try and help you survive the next couple of months.


During exams and coursework deadline season you can feel overwhelmed and stressed. However, making a daily routine will allow for you to feel more in control of both your revision and deadlines as well as your personal life, allowing you to balance your commitments. Advice and planning sheets can be found here.

Study Spaces

There are over a 1000 study spaces across campus available to you. Finding the perfect study environment for you will have a huge impact. Avoid staying in your student accommodation or bedroom as this will allow for you to switch off and relax once you get home. You can find out more about study spaces and their opening times here.


Taking breaks and getting some fresh air is essential. Be realistic and look after yourself. There are plenty of places across campus to go and get some food or drink, go to the gym or simply take a walk. Having a refresh will help clear your mind and allow to you to return more motivated than before.  Try to not over-revise – you will exhaust yourself and end up getting less done. 

Spring flowers on Campus

Time Management

Create a calendar with both your study and other commitments and make sure to stick to it. Get yourself organised – set targets and deadlines, this will allow you to feel motivated and focused to hit your targets. 

Ask for help

Remember it’s always best to speak out. If you’re struggling or feeling overwhelmed don’t be afraid to speak to someone, whether that’s your friends or your family or your tutors. If you ever want to speak to a new face you can also contact Student Advice and Support Service for free. Their contact details can be found here.

Regular sleep pattern

Make sure to stick to a regular sleeping pattern. Sleep is one of the most important ways of keeping yourself healthy, especially during a stressful exam period. A good sleeping pattern will improve your productivity as well as making you feel a lot more energetic and motivated towards your work. 

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