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Top tips for quick & easy printing

16 April 2018

3 mins

May is just around the corner and it’s always a busy time for the staff in Creative & Print Services. Every year we print and bind hundreds of pieces of coursework for students. I’m Roz, one of the Print and Post team. We’re based in the Herbert Manzoni building. Here’s my advice for getting your work printed as quickly and smoothly as possible!

Know your coursework submission guidelines

Double check how your work needs to be printed and bound before you visit. We can print single and double sided, in colour or black & white, and have a variety of binding styles with optional covers.

Make sure your digital files are ready to print

You won’t be able to edit your files at the counter, so proofread your work carefully in advance.

Save your file as a PDF

We can open most file formats at the counter, but sometimes we might not be using the same edition of a program, or have the right fonts installed. PDF files normally avoid this issue, and you can save as a PDF from most programs. Keep a back-up of your original file just in case you do need to change anything!

Bring the files you want on a USB flash drive

We prefer that you bring files in on a USB flash drive if possible. Check that your files are easy to find and clearly named. Clearing out any old files you don’t need will help to speed things up. Avoid bringing an external hard drive – they are often very slow to load up.

Back up your work!

Always save your work on a regular basis, and make sure you keep back-ups as well. Put copies on a cloud drive or email the files to yourself, your parents, and your cat, so that you can access them in case of emergency.

We can just bind if you want to print your own files

Our printing and binding services are separate, so you can print work at home or on the Follow-Me printers around campus. Try to keep printed papers flat and in good condition.

We’re open on Saturdays

Creative & Print Services is now open 9am – 2pm on Saturdays during term time for your convenience.

If you have any questions about our services, email or check out our website at  You can also upload files and order printing online from

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