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10 things only the #LboroFamily will understand

22 March 2017

3 mins

We’ve explored some of the many quirks of Loughborough life that you just can’t explain to those outside the bubble.

1. The beauty of the Hazlerigg and Rutland buildings

Whether you’ve walked past them on a daily basis or lived in these buildings during your time here, you will feel a deep affinity with this Hogwarts-esque part of campus.

2. Charlie the cat

You will go out of your way to get a photo of Charlie the cat on every visit to the library. If you didn’t snap a picture of him – did you really even go? And after you graduate, whenever you see a photo of him your heart will well up with joy.

Black And White Disney GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

3. Loughborough is the windiest place known to man

All your friends will say you’re just being overdramatic until they experience it for themselves. (Plus side: you’re able to handle the wind chill elsewhere a lot better than your friends)

4. Feeling a fool for believing the myth that the Pilkington Library sinks further into the ground every year

With hindsight, there’s no way it could be true, but it just seemed so convincing that first time you heard it!

5. You feel truly proud of Loughborough’s sporting heritage

When Seb Coe turns up to present degrees at graduation ceremonies and the athletics stadium is named after Paula Radcliffe you can’t help but be proud of the sporting success which Loughborough is famous for. At Rio 2016 Loughborough produced the most top athletes of any British University, and would have finished 17th and 10th on the Olympic and Paralympic medal tables respectively. It can be a bit of a culture shock when you leave and you’re no longer surrounded by elite athletes on a daily basis.


Photo: emmabronwen on Instagram

6. Obligatory photos by the Loughborough University sign

Be it with your dissertation or to celebrate the end of exams (or University altogether *sob*) a photo in front of the Loughborough sign is an essential part of the student experience.

7. It took you way too long to realise that ‘Hey Ewe’ was a play on ‘AU’

But you definitely pretend you knew straight away when someone talks about how they’ve only just thought of it…

8. Loughborough walks on water!

In addition to our elite sporting heritage, there’s huge #LboroFamily pride about sport on campus. Whether it’s supporting the home team at a big match, playing IMS sport, or going mad for BUCS Wednesdays, it’s rare that special chant won’t crop up at some point! Loughborough Sport’s magazine is even called WoW!

Andy Samberg Flip Flops GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

9. Flip flops are perfectly acceptable footwear all year round

Loughborough is one of the only places you’ll see people skidding across icy pavements in flip flops, shorts and a hoody.

Photo: huigui00 on Instagram

10. The sense of #LboroFamily pride that only grows stronger with time

Long after you’ve left, you’ll still feel that heart bursting pride when you learn your alma mater has been awarded yet another top league table ranking or that they’ve won BUCS again. You can take the graduate out of Loughborough but you can’t take Loughborough out of the graduate.

Never lose touch with the #LboroFamily.

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