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#PROUDTOBEME at Loughborough

16 June 2016

2 mins

We are a group of first year Graphic Communication and Illustration students and in response to our project brief “Do Something Good” we have produced a campaign, “Proud To Be Me”, aiming to promote and encourage self confidence and feeling confident in your own skin. Focussing on Loughborough students like ourselves, we’ve used our active and community focused campus to produce a campaign video; made for students, with students, by students.

The main idea behind our campaign is ‘feeling confidence in your own skin’; an issue often felt and focussed on by students and young people like ourselves. Self confidence is “a feeling of trust in one’s abilities, qualities, and judgement”, more simply- being happy in yourself and feeling good! It’s deeper than being happy with how you live, wider than thinking you look good and more relevant than media fuelled ‘dream’ lives and appearances; it’s about being proud to be you.

In such a sport focussed campus like our own, feeling body confident is at the forefront of our lives and can effect the way we live and study. Although sport and physical activity is not the main focus of our campaign. We have aimed to highlight the unique differences in people and the variety of activities enjoyed across campus that make Loughborough students feel proud to be themselves. Whether it’s gaming, dancing, sport or going out with friends, our video praises ways in which people make themselves feel good, confident and proud to be themselves.

proud to be me 2

We’ve created a campaign video to showcase this diversity, encourage differences and most importantly, encourage students to feel proud, not only to be a part of Loughborough University, but proud to be themselves. We hope to inspire the student audience through others captured in our video and encourage them to be proud of who and what they are. We hope you enjoy our work and please get involved in the Proud To Be Me movement through social media. #PROUDTOBEME

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