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This Week at Loughborough | 08 February

8 February 2021

6 mins

Happy Mondays: Chinese ink painting (workshop)

8 February, 7pm, Online

Create your own paintings in a traditional Chinese style.

Student Suyu Bian will introduce you to this traditional Chinese painting technique using special painting tools and techniques. You will create your own paintings to display in your room or perhaps give to someone else. This workshop promises to be a wonderful drawing experience and a great way to relax – let the paint diffuse on the paper and enjoy the peaceful moment of painting.

Find out more information on the event page.

The Military-Peace Complex: Gender and Materiality in Afghanistan

10 February, 2pm – 3pm, Online

Dr Hannah Partis-Jennings will discuss her recently published monograph The Military-Peace Complex: Gender and Materiality in Afghanistan. The book explores the entanglements between foreign military and international civilian work, mandates, logics and everyday performances. It engages with questions of gender, space and materiality and how these played a role in constituting the social category of the ‘international’ (as defined against the ‘local’) in Afghanistan post-2001.

Find out more information on the event page.

Mathematics Education Centre Seminar

10 February, 2.45pm – 5pm, Online

The Mathematics Education Centre will host this research seminar via Microsoft Teams. Please note the link to join will be circulated a week before the event.

You can find out more on the event page.

In Conversation… Microsoft Senior Leaders and Early in Careers in a Roundtable discussion

10 February, 3.30pm – 5pm, Online

Join us in welcoming Microsoft BAME Senior Leaders and Early in Careers in a Roundtable discussion as part of our LBU Future Black Talent Program. We will be joined by Senior Leaders Bunmi Dorowoju, Parisa Seif Amir Hosseini and Tammy Briggs, who shall share insight about their career journey and experiences.

Take a look at Careers Online for more details.

English Research Seminar: Archives as literary sketchbooks

10 February, 4pm – 5pm, Online

This talk will discuss examples from the personal archives of Ann Quin and Doris Lessing. With Quin’s materials, we see the writing process in action; with Lessing’s, we see a rehearsal of ideas before the fiction, as well as correspondence providing a dialogic form in which to deepen and extend fictional preoccupations. Nonia will speak for 40 minutes with 15 minutes of questions and open discussion.

You can find more information on the event page.

Ingenuity Programme Briefing Session #1

10 February, 4pm – 5pm, Online

This is your chance to find out more about the Ingenuity Programme at our information event, which will cover the Programme in more detail, including the application, Challenge Pathways and Summits, the Mentoring Sessions, the Develop Platform, and the Business Plan Competition, as well as a Q&A session.

View the event page for more information.

Public lecture: Understanding sport and exercise after organ transplantation

10 February, 5.30pm – 6.30pm, Online

Dr Gareth Wiltshire, Lecturer in Sport and Performance Psychology at Loughborough University, will give his online public lecture.

It will discuss the experiences of organ transplant recipients to shed light on how sport and exercise can be a meaningful way for people with long-term health conditions to live well while managing illness.

More information can be found on the event page.

Fellowship Inaugural Lecture: Professor Wen-Hua Chen

11 February, 12.30pm – 1.30pm Online

This talk will discuss some key enabled technologies involved in highly automated systems, our progress to date and the challenges that remain. Professor Chen argues that significant progress has been made in individual functions, such as perception and decision making, but more is required to understand their interactions and their influence on overall performance and safety at a system level. Professor Chen’s lecture will take place on Microsoft Teams, on Thursday the 11th February 2021, starting at 12.30pm.

If you wish to join the presentation then please register for your place via this link, you will be sent joining details in advance of the lecture.

You can find more event information on this page.

Do It Yourself: Pre-AIDS documentaries by lesbians and gay men in Britain

11 February, 6pm – 7pm, Online

This talk by Dr Marcus Collins examines the critical importance of television and radio documentaries and current affairs programmes about homosexuality to lesbians and gay men in postwar Britain.

For more information please go to the event page.

Initiate Programme: Idea Generation / Business Model Canvas

11 February, 6.30pm – 7pm, Online

Every Thursday evening from 6.30pm – 8pm, join Loughborough Enterprise Network and guests online via Microsoft Teams for our Initiate Programme – an introductory series of workshops on getting started with thinking about all things business and enterprise!

Find out more information on the event page.

Careers Network: Mock Assessment Centre

11 February, 6pm – 8pm, Online

Delivered by the Careers Network and staff from a range of top companies, you’ll hear first-hand what to expect and learn how to prepare effectively. Join online and gain as much practice as you can before your first real assessment centre. This workshop is for students from all years in all departments. This Mock Assessment Centre is sponsored by Druck Limited.

Please book your place online.

Chinese New Year

12 February, Online

On 12 February the transition into the Year of the Ox begins and the University has some activities planned that you can do from home to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

LU Arts is hosting a Chinese ink painting workshop for students as part of the Happy Mondays programme on 8 February. This gives you the chance to learn how to create your own painting in a traditional Chinese style. You can book your place for the free workshop here.

Those on campus will be able to purchase Chinese cuisine at the EHB Grill and Elvyn Dining Hall.

You can also take part in the Chinese tradition of bringing luck to your home. The Chinese character Fu(福)means ‘fortune’ or ‘good luck’ and many hang this character upside down on their door or window, inviting good fortune into their homes. You can search online for signs to print out or you can get crafty and make your own.

Creative and Print Services has also created a Chinese New Year background which will be available to use on Teams on 12 February. When you are setting up your video and audio settings before joining a meeting, select ‘Background Filters’ which is below the video image and the Chinese New Year background will be an option.

Don’t forget to tag Loughborough University on Instagram and Twitter when sharing your Chinese New Year activities.

You can find out more information on the event page.

Self-Care Sundays: Ceramics workshop

14 February, 4pm – 5pm, Online

Take some time out for yourself and join Alice Peake for an online ceramics workshop. You’ll start by learning how to handle, roll and mark/add texture to the clay before moving on to form the clay into cups or spoons. You’ll then be shown how to add finishing touches to your piece.

This event will be streamed via Facebook Live from the LU Arts Facebook page. You can also find out more information on the event page.

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