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This Week at Loughborough | 13 February

13 February 2023

2 mins


Healthy Eating on a Budget Webinar

15 February 2023, 1pm, Online  

This positive and interactive workshop leaves no stone unturned, inspiring attendees to try new approaches to meal planning, ingredient choices and food preparation

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Men’s Health Session

15 February 2023, 2pm, Stewart Mason

This event is provided by a Consultant Urologist who works across the Leicestershire Hospitals. Urologists diagnose and treat disorders of the kidneys, ureters, bladder, prostate and male reproductive organs.

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Ace your interviews

15 February 2023, 6:15pm, Brockington Building

Gain specialised information by the Black Talent Programme on everything related to interviews. Free pizza for all attendees!

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Queer Activism Workshop

13 February 2023, 6pm, LSU

Join the LGBT+ Student Association Committee for a workshop on the history of queer activism, and how to build effective strategies for activism. 

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Film Screening – ‘Bros’

16 February 2023, 7pm, Cope Auditorium

Two men with commitment problems attempt a relationship. (IMDB, 2022).

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LSU Events

Enterprise Reloaded 

15 February 2023, 6:15pm, The Lounge

A chance for networking, exclusive event information and a fun scavenger hunt with prizes to be won too.

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International Day

16 February 2023, 10am, Students’ Union

Come join us at our International Day event on Saturday, February 16th and explore the cultures of the world! This event will be a great way to learn and appreciate the diversity that our incredible university offers.

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