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This Week at Loughborough | 14 December

14 December 2020

4 mins

DH@Lboro Talk: The role of maps in the Digital Humanities

14 December, 4 – 5pm, Online

Join Prof Heike Jöns (SSH)’s talk at the invitation of the DH@Lboro group. Professor Jöns’ talk will look at the role of maps in digital humanities.

The objective of DH@Lboro is to celebrate Digital Humanities and encourage interdisciplinary dialogue across various departments and Schools at Loughborough.

For booking information visit the event page.

University Choir: Handel’s Messiah

14 December, 7pm, Online

Join Loughborough University Choir as we enjoy Handel’s Messiah in a new way suited to these difficult times.

The University Choir will launch the premiere of their new video ‘And the Glory of the Lord’ with choir members singing this chorus together from our own homes via the magic of technology. For other choruses, they will be singing along to carefully selected great choir performances from pre-COVID days. The soloists have recorded their parts in advance to be played as part of the event.

Find out how to join the event on the event page.

Creative Readings: Language, Dialect and Translation

16 December, 4 – 5pm, Online

In the final English Research Seminar of the winter term, we are joined by R. M. Francis, Anne-Marie Beller and Kerry Featherstone to discuss the role of dialect and language in creative work.

Dr R. M. Francis is an author and poet who also teaches Creative Writing at the University of Wolverhampton. He has published in many genres and explores the use of Black Country dialect in works such as the novel Bella and his new poetry collection, Subsidence. Rob will be reading from both works as he reflects on his creative process.

Dr Anne-Marie Beller and Dr Kerry Featherstone both work in English at Loughborough: Dr Beller as a specialist in Victorian Literature and Dr Featherstone as a poet and Creative Writing lecturer. Together, they are working on a translation of Mary Elizabeth Braddon’s The Pastor of Marston, which has never yet been published in English.

Join them to hear from their work in progress by visiting the event page.

Resource Radicals: From Petro-Nationalism to Post-Extractivism in Ecuador – Book discussion

16 December, 5 – 6.30pm, Online

In 2007, the Left came to power in Ecuador. In the years that followed, the “twenty-first-century socialist” government and a coalition of grassroots activists came to blows over the extraction of natural resources. Each side declared the other a perversion of leftism and the principles of socioeconomic equality, popular empowerment, and anti-imperialism.

In her book, Resource Radicals, Thea Riofrancos unpacks the conflict between these two leftisms: on the one hand, the administration’s resource nationalism and focus on economic development; and on the other, the anti-extractivism of grassroots activists who condemned the government’s disregard for nature and indigenous communities.

This event is hosted by the Populism Research Group at Loughborough University. Find out more about the event and booking information on the event page.

Book Club: Frederick Douglass – Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass

15 December, 12.30 – 1.30pm, Online

Join LU Arts’ regular Book Club for an online discussion of Frederick Douglass’ first autobiography.

Former slave, impassioned abolitionist, brilliant writer, newspaper editor and eloquent orator whose speeches fired the abolitionist cause, Frederick Douglass (1818–1895) led an astounding life. Physical abuse, deprivation and tragedy plagued his early years, yet through sheer force of character he was able to overcome these obstacles to become a leading spokesman for his people.

The Book Club is open to all current and former students and staff of Loughborough University. They typically meet every six weeks to discuss a book chosen by our members. These are usually, but not always, novels.

To find out how to get involved with the book club visit the event page.

Loughborough Festivities

19 December – 3 January, Online and In person

Join us this festive season for some fun activities and challenges that you can either do out and about or from the comfort of your student accommodation. From baking and crafts to working out and enjoying freshly prepared meals everyday, there’s no need to worry about finding something to do this holiday period.

Find out what is going on during the festive period on the campaign website.

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