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The Best Places on Campus!

5 September 2023

3 mins

I’m Beth, a Sociology student taking a year out between my second and final year. If you are curious about the best places on campus, you’re in the right place! 

I have somehow managed to narrow down a few of my favourites from the Loughborough campus and it has been wholesome to reflect on the many areas of beauty on campus.

1.   Study Spaces

My favourite study spaces flicker between the StemLabs on the West side of campus, Wavy Top and Brockington, in the centre of campus. Pilkington Library is considered a go-to for many other students – personally, I find better focus in other buildings. It can get hectic during exam season too. Nevertheless, the library is celebrated, it has your course textbooks and the staff are there to help with your needs and requirements. 

Even though I am not a part of STEM, the StemLabs has been a recent finding favourite. The woods are in sight when you need a walking break between studying, as well as cafes and hangout spots all around the West side of campus.

Wavy Top is also a fantastic option for a study space because it’s in the centre of campus, next to the James France building and Edward Herbert. I like this building as there are designated “study space” rooms, great for team-supported work. 

View from the StemLabs room –

2.   Outdoor, Green Spaces 

The West side of campus has many beautiful picturesque areas such as pleasant hills and greenery, where you can watch the football (highly recommend on a warm summer’s day, or at sunset).  

Just beyond the Pilkington library is Holywell Park. There is a captivating lake and fountain with ducks! I love going there to journal, listen to music and meditate.

View of Holywell Park –

In the centre of campus, I like going to the rugby pitch as my lectures are right there. They sometimes have the sprinklers on, which is really fun on a hot day. A vast plain of lush grass with a slight slope to sit on with your friends, have a picnic and vibe (plus you can watch rugby if you like watching sport!)

Being outside in nature is so important as a student. I admit, it can get quite overwhelming to juggle your studies, friendships, relationships, health and to remain sane! I recommend wherever you live on campus to explore all around the campus. There are flowers, trees and beauty all around Loughborough.

3.   Eating & Hangouts 

The students’ union has to be my number one for eating and chilling with friends. It has some great places to eat, and if you need something quick there is a Spar shop. There are also very welcoming picnic benches. The union has a study space upstairs and also contains different society departments, such as Media and Action

There is an area called The Lounge, which is personally a really lovely area to study and relax or meet with a group. They hold events there which can be seen on the SU app.

Just outside the Student’s Union –

These favourites of mine illuminate the time here, offering some solace for focused study, a breath of fresh air amidst nature’s beauty and spirited hubs for socialising. I advise you to be open and explore all of the campus when you arrive, as there is so much to see and you will not likely have a lot of time when your lectures start. 

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