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Here East and its opportunities!

22 February 2019

3 mins

Loughborough University London alumna, Lindsay Kim has written a blog on the wide range of opportunities at Here East and London!

London is one of the most amazing places to live in, especially when you are interested in learning and research. The city offers an incredible pool of opportunities including a wide range of events in various sectors – many of these are free to attend.

One of the many reasons why I chose to study at Loughborough University London was due to its supreme location so I could broaden my networks and get involved with a wide variety of opportunities. Loughborough University London is part of Here East (one of London’s fastest growing tech communities) based in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. For example, Here East is home to BT Sport, Plexal and Sports Interactive. Such organisations being right next door to campus is a great way to make connections and network, and I recommend current students to do the same!

During my master’s degree, I wanted to take advantage of the opportunities London so I attended more than 70 events! Very recently, I had the opportunity to attend Sports Interactive (SI)’s Open Office which was one of the most interesting and inspiring events I have attended. This successful studio, globally famous for Football Manager, moved to Here East last year and has a strong commitment in bringing positive impacts to the East London community. The topic at this event was ‘women working in games’ which followed the speakers’ career journeys. This event was also a fantastic networking opportunity with a number of professionals and recruiters from the game industry participating.

As well as this, I have enjoyed participating as a UX tester of a start-up called Fjit. This is an interactive fitness platform provider. Under the mission of disrupting the traditional fitness industry, the company provides a unique experience that makes workouts fun and addictive! It has been amazing participating in UX projects based on a mobile platform while enjoying free membership for excellent workout sessions. It is rewarding that I can contribute to the start-up’s innovative services and products with my previous experience in the sports sector.

Here East is a community of diversity, creativeness and business that is growing rapidly. Make sure to have a look at what is happening around Here East and get involved. There are also an abundant of opportunities in London so make sure to take advantage of your time in London!

Loughborough University London would like to thank Lindsay for writing this blog. Find out about the events we offer on our Events Page.

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