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Venture Crawl 2018

26 March 2018

5 mins

This week’s blog post has been written by our student, Alex. Find out more about her experience of Venture Crawl 2018; a unique 12-hour tour of London’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. 

The day was about innovation, inspiration and challenges that every creative person needs to face. This unique event was designed for all people who have a dream to be part of something big and creative. Venture Crawl 2018 took place in March and we had an opportunity to travel across London’s creative hubs. They showed us their spaces, where solutions are available to everyone who is dedicated to their passions.

The day was about innovation, inspiration and challenges that every creative person needs to face.

Stour Space 

“We need to stick together, we need to network and stay open to diversity as much as possible to keep London functioning as a global city, which is open to creativity and good ideas” (Julia, Director of Stour Café). Stour Café is our base camp of the Venture Crawl 2018, which lies close to the heart of Hackney Wick, providing a unique space for artists, creators and entrepreneurs through various community-based activities and collaborations.

Hackney Wick Eco Company

On our way to Campus London, where the UK’s Google offices are based, we had a chance to listen to a female entrepreneurship representative, Nneka, who told us about how the industries are still lacking female confidence. Thanks to Hackney Wick Eco Company, she has a chance to provide the push factors via a new stock exchange platform of businesses to all of the women who need their project to become reality.

Campus London

Here came the first visit of the day which was packed with challenging and supportive information. Campus London provided us a presentation, which presented us details and specific statistics about Creative Sectors, which are on a rise.

It is important for young people to realise the responsibility of a generational shift from Information age to a Conceptual age. We may think of this age as a new “renaissance era” where everyone is being productive across many industries. And what exactly is the Conceptual age missing?

  1. Learning resources – have you found yourself Googling some specific information, but forgetting it right afterwards?  Well, that is the perfect example of this issue…
  2. Role models
  3. Networks of Collaborators – to talk to someone in person who shares the same passion and is keen to support you, is seriously undervalued


Huckletree is a business-developer-accelerator. This hub is organising many social events, workshops and sessions (not only for students), through which you can connect with other people working on their own projects.

And as we reached the peak of the afternoon we had another interesting talk on the board of our lovely double decker about entrepreneur mistakes:

  • Testing our ideas on people who are like us (same hobby, same work, family and friends etc.)
  • Investing into the idea or project too early and being impulsive with finances
  • Not being generous for equity and disrespecting competition


A hidden innovative corner of this bank. With strict rules and a massive competition, this is the place, where your project can get a strong financial support. But you need to impress. Know your project, the finance you need, and why. Banks seek commitment from start-ups, because they will keep challenging and questioning your business’s impact all the time.


A real challenge – we had to be active! We were given tasks with which are real entrepreneurs ‘fighting with’. They asked for the help of the students to come up with some interesting and creative solutions which are going to ease their struggle through a project that they have been working on.

We created teams and started to brainstorm. The teams were trying to find solutions to boost online shopping on Instagram for an artist who is making jewellery to sell. Other teams had to find the best way how to attract female minorities to work in a science industry. The results and presentations of the teams were quite impressive and innovative! Allia was probably the warmest and the friendliest hub, which my peers enjoyed visiting.

Home run in Plexal

Plexal was the mountain top. Approximately 5 other double deckers with students from different universities joined us in Here East´s Plexal space. Here, final presentations and reflections of the day took place.

It was a fantastic experience to mix with other students and hear their opinions about their full day of venture crawling!

Venture Crawl was an amazing event which opens door to young people, teaching them how to digest and work with London’s diversity through creative spaces and people, who surround them

The whole day taught us how essential local sustainability is through connecting residential possibilities with people living in the area and making most of it. People learn through a lot especially when they realise how effective volunteering be to gain real life experiences. Testing, trying and combining ideas help young people to develop and shape their ideas. It makes you realise how important it is to follow your passions, dreams and that London is the actual place, where you can make them happen if you really want to!

Massive thanks to Ben Cole, Stakeholder Development Manager at Loughborough University London – the main engine and organiser of the whole day, which was so inspiring and stimulating to all of us who had a chance to participate in such a unique way of discovering another side of London.

Thank you Alex for your detailed blog and fantastic video about the event! If you would like to find out more about our enterprise opportunities and upcoming events, please visit our website.

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