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International Day of Sport for Development and Peace

9 April 2021

2 mins

This blog is written by Ana Geppert, an intern with the ALL Institute at Maynooth University, in partnership with Loughborough University.

Loughborough University and Maynooth University are currently collaborating together to study Assistive Technology and Sport Engagement as part of the AT2030 programme.

“Sport can be a powerful tool contributing to community development. Engagement in Sports has the ability to unify people from the most diverse backgrounds, as well as strengthen the relationship we have with ourselves. In many ways, the practice of engaging in Sport (in the broadest sense of the concept) is like accessing a gateway to so many different levels of society. From our closest surrounding context (micro level) to the highest structures of society (macro level). It can help accessing community services and assistive technologies, which are all crucial to community development. In my discussion today, I am speaking about Sport broadly – not elite-level performance, but rather the every-day sports practices many of us engage in. Encompassing everything from physical activity, to exercise but also recreational play.

As a third culture kid (someone  who was raised in a culture other than my parents’ culture and my passport’s nationality) I  have often experienced being or at least feeling like an outsider or the feeling of being different to the rest of people around me. When engaging in sports, however, I gained a lot of respect from my classmates and I felt like I belonged. This helped strengthen my self-esteem and realize my differences could be used to an advantage to the group’s goal.

Through Sports I found a collective of people which could not be more “different” when looking from the outside, but we all had something in common which united us and was more powerful than our differences.”

To read the full article, please visit the Ideas in All blog.

This blog is by Ana Geppert in the ALL Institute at Maynooth University. The Ideas in All blog is dedicated to assisting living and learning.

To read more about the AT2030 programme and our partnership with Maynooth University, please visit our website.

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