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Guest Lecture, Thurs 10th March: What is Design Thinking? Elements of constituting Design Thinking

1 March 2016

1 min

6 places are available for our students to attend a guest lecture on Thursday 10th March by Arthur Chan on Design Thinking.

Talk Description

This guest lecture will be in two parts.

The first part explores what design thinking is and the elements behind it, including:

  • Design thinking’s articulated definition and the evidence behind it,
  • Design thinking’s 7 common characteristics and their empirical evidence,
  • Design thinking’s modes of expression and their empirical evidence and finally an overview of a potential model of design thinking application.

The second part of the lecture will give an overview of the research process applied for the PhD, including the methodology used, participants, sample size and potential future work.

Date: Thursday 10th March

Time: 9am-12pm

Venue: Loughborough University London, LL05

*To register your interest, email Erik Bohemia []

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