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Guest Lecture, Weds 2nd March: Marketing Influence on New Product Development

26 February 2016

3 mins

15 places are available for our students to attend a guest lecture by Dr Nusa Fain on Wednesday 2nd March, looking at the importance of sustaining the voice of the customer (VOC) throughout the product development process.

Talk Description

Due to the increased technical complexity of new product development and an active and engaged customer base, there is an even greater requirement to capture the VOC and translate it into customised product offerings (Cooper, 2014; Chesbrough, 2006). To satisfy this requirement, companies are increasingly looking at marketing as a core interpreter of market information and customer needs. A move from mass markets into customer-oriented and driven development has necessitated that marketing has become an integral player in the product development process. There are however several challenges companies face in achieving such integration.

The purpose of this session is to explore these challenges and address the following:

  • The relevance of market research for effective global product development;
  • Marketing tools that can be employed to support effective translation of the VOC into new products;
  • The function of marketing as a key contributor to new product development and its relationship with design and development;

The session will define how the business environment and the internal marketing function influence and mitigate successful new global product development. The fuzzy front end of product development and the commercialisation tools and interactions will be discussed, along with the market research necessary for an effective global product development process. Open innovation and user-centred design will be presented as two key trends that put the marketing function at the core of global product realisation.

About Dr Nusa Fain

Dr Nusa Fain is a lecturer in the Department of Marketing at Strathclyde Business School, Glasgow, United Kingdom. Prior to joining the University of Strathclyde in 2012, she worked as a researcher and an industrial fellow in Slovenia and United Kingdom. She has been involved in exploration of product development procedures in various sectors (i.e. construction, retail, and manufacturing) and is currently the principal investigator on a Knowledge Transfer Partnership between the University and a Scottish high-tech company, where the main project focus is on the development of a bespoke innovation procedure for the partner company. She is also the co-investigator on a Government funded open innovation initiative and part of the research team investigating the influence of regulation on innovation within the Scottish Water Sector.

Through her interdisciplinary background she has engaged with various industrial sectors in exploration of barriers and enablers to innovation within the product sphere. She is an experienced facilitator of different types of workshops on both company and student levels. She is currently the Class Coordinator for two undergraduate and two postgraduate modules within the strategic marketing and marketing communication domains.

Date: Wednesday 2nd March

Time: 2pm-4pm

Venue: Loughborough University London, LLP01

*To register your interest, email Erik Bohemia []

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