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JOINT Fund series: The #Lollybins

24 May 2019

2 mins

The JOINT fund initiative has supported Dr Vicky Lofthouse (Senior Lecturer, Institute for Design Innovation) and Dr Debra Lilley (Senior Lecturer, Loughborough Design School) to co-create the Lollybin – a coffee cup recycling.

We are a bit excited about our new bins…

Coffee.  We in the UK love it.  But coffee has a problem.  Around 2.5 billion coffee cups get thrown away across the UK with almost none of them recycled and over half a million a day ending up as litter.  Debra and I wanted to create a potential solution to this problem by drawing on the expertise of colleagues in Loughborough Design School and Loughborough University London.  The JOINT fund has supported us to co-create of the #Lollybin, a new prototype station for coffee cup recycling.  The #Lollybin prototype was developed through a series of workshops, user-centred research and stakeholder analysis to identify, design and test behavioural change interventions to reduce single use coffee cup waste on the Here East campus. 

Today we installed the prototype #Lollybins in and around partners spaces on the Queen Elizabeth Olympic park.  Over the coming months we will be getting feedback from users with a plan to refine the design before rolling out into more test spaces.  We’re hoping this is the beginnings of our journey to look at more sustainable solutions to Coffee consumption in the UK and beyond.

The JOINT fund is a campus wide open funding pot to help seed and develop Research, Teaching and Enterprise (RTE) projects led by academic staff on our London campus.  Part of the strategy for the campus in London is to initiate and incubate multi-disciplinary work amongst the seven Institutes that rapidly accelerates the campuses research and teaching activities through internal and external partnerships.  The JOINT fund is one of the activities undertaken to achieve this.

You can find more information on the JOINT fund and the briefs of each research here. You can also keep updated on this year’s projects by checking our blog weekly.

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