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Guest Lecture, Mon 29th Feb: The Machines That Betrayed Their Masters

24 February 2016

1 min

Our students are invited to attend a talk on Monday 29th February, ‘The machines that betrayed their masters’ by Daniel Cuthbert of SensePost, a leading independent provider of expert information security services.

Talk Description

The mobile devices we carry betray us to those who want to invade our privacy.

There is little difference between government mandated tracking devices and mobile phones – after all, a mobile phone is just a real time tracking device that reports your current location to one of a few telecommunication companies that are required by law to turn that information over to the government. Combine this with data interception laws, and large-scale data mining initiatives and we have the commonly painted picture of the Big Brother Orwellian state.

This talk looks at how one might be tracked using a mobile phone and how a pattern of life can be created by the information your devices leak about you.

Click here to confirm your attendance.

Date: Monday 29th February

Time: 3:00pm – 4:00pm

Venue: Loughborough University London, (room to be confirmed)

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