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Pessimistic, confused and frustrated: how the EU views Westminster’s mess

20 March 2019

1 min

Dr Nicola Chelotti, Lecturer from the Institute for Diplomacy and International Governance, has written an article for The Times to highlight the EU views on Brexit following the House of Commons votes on a number of Brexit issues last week.

The piece was created as part of the Economic and Social Research Council project, 28+ Perspectives on Brexit, which academics from Loughborough University are working on.

Last week the House of Commons voted on a number of Brexit issues (the Withdrawal Agreement, no deal, and an extension) over three days. I spoke to a number of EU officials directly involved in the Brexit negotiations to understand their reaction and see what the mood within EU institutions is. Three responses stand out, in particular: pessimism, a sense of confusion and frustration.

There is a general sense of pessimism with regard to the final outcome of the negotiations (with or without an extension). Confidence in the government’s capacity to avoid a no-deal Brexit has considerably diminished. The day after the (second) rejection of the Withdrawal Agreement was described by one national representative as the most pessimistic day in the entire two-year period.

Read the full article on The Times.

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