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Meet the Loughborough London EDI Committee

10 February 2022

2 mins

During the 2020/21 academic year an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Committee was established on the London campus. Now in its second year, the committee’s purpose is to set the EDI agenda for our campus, understand the needs of groups within our university community with protected characteristics and those groups who are minoritized or marginalised, and work to ensure that the London campus has an inclusive culture in which all staff and students feel valued, respected and engaged in line with the university’s People and Organisational Development Strategy

According to the university’s EDI website, the terms Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion are all distinct with their own meanings. The university defines each term as follows: 

  • Equality: treating all people as equals, with equal dignity and respect.
  • Diversity: recognising that we all benefit when our community comprises people from different backgrounds and with different perspectives and experiences.
  • Inclusion: ensuring that everyone within our University can feel like a part of its community.  

The London EDI Committee is comprised of a Committee Chair (Dr Andrea Geurin), the Associate Dean for Research (Prof Aidan McGarry), the Associate Dean for Teaching (Prof Jo Tacchi), the Associate Dean for Enterprise (Graham Hitchen), a women’s representative (Dr Emily Hayday), an LGBT+ representative (Prof Aidan McGarry), a BAME representative (Dr Angela Martinez Dy), a carer’s representative (Dr Ksenija Kuzmina), a disabilities representative (Jennifer Wong), a mental health representative (Dr Debbie Eagle), a campus Athena Swan representative (Dr Anna Grosman), a student support representative (Limahl Macfarlane), a London HR representative (Miranda Bioh), a university HR representative (Nadine Skinner), a PGT student representative (Jad Bseiso), and a PGR student representative (Happy Singu Hansen).

The committee meets up to six times throughout the year to discuss EDI issues impacting our London campus community and to engage in EDI-related education and training activities. Additionally, members of the committee help to plan and host a variety of EDI-related events, such as the upcoming University Mental Health Day activities scheduled for Thursday, 3 March. Please keep an eye on your email for more details about that event and others that will take place later in the year!

We would like to thank Andrea Geurin for sharing this blog with us.

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