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Call for papers: Corruption, Rent-Seeking Behaviour and Informal Practices in Institutional Contexts Workshop

15 January 2020

2 mins

Loughborough University London is hosting the Corruption, Rent-Seeking Behaviour and Informal Practices in Institutional Contexts Workshop on Thursday 11 June 2020.

This one-day WINIR-sponsored workshop aims to bring together researchers from different disciplines to improve our theoretical, empirical and methodological understanding of different aspects of corruption, rent-seeking behaviours, and informal practices within different institutional contexts.

For more information about the workshop, please visit our website.

Call for papers

Application Procedure

Please send a structured abstract (max. 500 words) or a full paper (if available and preferred by the submitters) by 1 April 2020 to The submission should be sent with “Corruption Workshop” in the subject line.

Structured abstracts need to adopt the following structure:

Research Type: Conceptual, Theoretical, Empirical or Review (select one).

Research Question/Issue: 1-2 sentences presenting the focus of the paper.

Method: 2-3 sentences clarifying the methodological approach chosen, and data source, if the paper is conceptual/theoretical, please state the main framework your research builds on.

Key Findings/Insights: 2-3 sentences explaining the findings or insights derived from your study. This section should highlight the contribution of your work to the broader literature.

Implications: in this section, please state the broader implications of your findings for researchers and/or policy-makers, as appropriate.

Please note that the format of the submission (structured abstract of full paper) will not affect the chances of being accepted. However, structured abstracts are expected to be the main format of submission and researchers submitting structured abstracts will not be treated less favourably than authors submitting full papers.

Authors of accepted submissions will be notified by 21 April 2020.

Structure of Presentations

Every paper presentation will be assigned a discussant. It is thus important to submit full papers two weeks before the workshop, i.e. 28 May 2020.

Further information

The event is organised by the Institute for International Management (Loughborough University London, the Centre for Political Economy and Institutional Studies (Birkbeck University of London) and the Centre for Comparative Studies of Emerging Economies (University College London). The event is sponsored by the World Interdisciplinary Network for Institutional Research (WINIR).

For any queries, please contact any of the workshop convenors: Dr Luca AndrianiDr Randolph L BrunoDr Elodie DouarinDr Gerhard Schnyder.   

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