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International Management MSc and take-home exams

7 February 2019

2 mins

On-amon (Jinny) Chungpaiboon, International Management MSc student, has written this blog on her master’s programme and specifically offers her advice on take-home exams.

Introduction to International Management MSc

“International management is management of distance”, says Zaheer (2011). Distance does not only refer to the geographical space, but also the differences in time zones, cultures, and business operation practices between two or more countries. In the International Management MSc programme, Loughborough University London provides a in-depth knowledge of how to operate a business in a global context and how to survive from risks emerged from business expansion into countries with different institutions. If your goal is to operate a business in a global scale, this programme is for you!

Programme Structure

This programme covers a wide range of topics and has specific assessment methods associated with each module, including presentations and coursework. However, a large portion of assessment is take-home exams. This is a unique exam structure where the exam question(s) are released in the morning of the exam date and then students have 6 hours to answer the question. The main idea of this exam format is to prepare students for the real working world where you may have limited time to accomplish a duty instead of simply memorising content that has been taught.

How to survive a ‘Take-Home Exam?’

It may sound daunting having to write a 3000-word report within limited time. However, I would advise reading the articles, journals and books recommended by the academics in the reading list and summarise them. Capture the main idea of each piece and then try to structure your answer in a paragraph form with citations and references.

A question that was on my mind was how can I prepare answers without knowing the exam question? The question, however, will be broad and the answers could go in a few directions. Anything you felt was important about the specific module or programme overall will definitely fit into an answer. As long as you have evidence to back up your point and relate back to the question, you should do well! In fact, with good preparation, six hours is plenty of time.

Loughborough University London would like to thank Jinny for writing this blog.

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