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New Programme Spotlight Series: MSc International Project Management

1 July 2021

4 mins

The ‘New Programme Spotlight Series’ will be looking at all of our exciting new programmes, launching in October 2021. This blog will focus on the new MSc International Project Management programme.

The MSc International Project Management is part of our Institute for International Management and will welcome its first ever cohort in October 2021.

We have spoken with Dr Gerhard Schnyder (Director of the Institute for International Management) and Dr Vivien Chow (Lecturer in Construction Engineering Management) who have shared more information about this exciting new programme. See what Gerhard and Vivien had to say below.

Why was this programme developed?

The MSc International Project Management programme incarnates the philosophy of Loughborough University to foster cross-disciplinary collaboration both in research and teaching. The Institute for International Management (IIM) therefore teamed up with our School of Architecture Building and Civil Engineering (ABCE) in order to deliver a new and innovative programme that seeks to leverage our respective strengths in international business, cross-cultural management and project management in construction and other industries.

Who is this programme designed for?

The programme is particularly aimed at people who are in positions where they professionally managing projects across national borders. One group of students we expect to benefit particularly from this programme is people with backgrounds in architecture, construction or engineering,  and have professional responsibilities for managing teams.

What are the graduate career destinations for this programme?

ABCE and IIM have strong links with a broad range of companies and their students go on to work in various industries. The programme will be taught at Loughborough University London whose campus is situated on the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Hackney Wick. This area is itself a hotspot for entrepreneurial activity in particular in digital and creative industries. It is a stone throw away from Old Street’s ‘digital round about’ which is home to many digital start-ups. Start-up companies are increasingly so-called ‘born global’ companies, which means they are active around the world and their activities therefore involve international project management. We involve employers in our programmes throughout our programmes, most importantly through the collaborative project and the collaborative dissertation organised by our sector-leading Future Space team.

ABCE has over the past four decades nurtured relationships with a broad range of construction and engineering organisations through a consortium arrangement. Our industry partners have contributed to teaching, research and enterprise activities, including our recent research projects into the High Speed 2 Railway project (more commonly known as HS2) and the Thames Tideway Tunnel project. These ongoing partnerships inform our teaching to ensure that we deliver advanced, current, and industry-ready knowledge that prepare our graduates for advancement into leadership positions managing complex projects, including large-scale infrastructure projects.

What are you most looking forward to in teaching this programme?

I greatly enjoy interacting with students from various countries with various backgrounds and having my views and ideas challenged by hearing about their experiences. We are expecting that this programme will appeal to students with a somewhat different background and previous work experience from our current students. I’m expecting the MSc IPM cohort to add to the diversity of our student body, which will further contribute to the intellectually stimulating environment we have created at Loughborough University London. I’m very much looking forward to that.

Why Loughborough University London?

Loughborough University London is unique in the sector in at least two respects: Firstly, it is a structurally interdisciplinary place, with seven institutes set up along thematic rather than disciplinary lines. Secondly, it has an outstanding, sector-leading Future Space team focussing on collaborative learning between academics and people from industry. The Collaborative Project is the best example of that. This creates a very stimulating environment that fosters collaboration across academic silos and beyond the walls of the ivory tower.

The MSc International Project Management fits perfectly into this environment and students on the programme will great benefit from the innovative way in which we deliver our teaching.

We would like to say a big thank you to Dr Gerhard Schnyder and Dr Vivien Chow for providing more useful information about this new programme. If you would like to find out more about the International Project Management MSc programme, please visit this web page.

To find out more about how to apply for a masters programme, please visit this web page.

You can find out more about the Institute for International Management here.

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