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A Londoner’s guide: The Top 10 apps

15 October 2020

4 mins

The latest generation of smartphones comes with a panoply of apps to get you started, from email and photography to navigation. Listed below are the top 10 apps to aid your convenience and practicality in London.

1. City Mapper

Citymapper is a public transit app and mapping service which displays transport options, usually with live timing, between any two locations in a supported city. It integrates data for all urban modes of transport, including walking, cycling and driving, in addition to public transport. (Android / iOS – Free)

2. TFL Oyster and Contactless App

Allows you manage your contactless and Oyster cards on the go, view your journey history, get notifications before your Travelcards expires and manage multiple season tickets and cards on the go. (Android / iOS – Free)


UNiDAYS is a discount website that is available for free to students worldwide. Current students in higher education can sign up with UNiDAYS to get discounted deals on products and services. Save up to 20% on eating out and retail purchases simply by registering your student email account – why wouldn’t you?! (Android / iOS – Free)

4. WAZE (For Drivers)

Google Maps and Apple Maps both do a good job as GPS navigation apps, but if you’re after an alternative, Waze – also owned by Google – is well worth a look. It draws on 90 million drivers for live and concise traffic data, and has good features to plan your journeys, including leaving at the right time. (Android / iOS – Free)                                                                       

5. Uber/ Uber Eats

Uber has deployed its ride-hailing platform in 400 cities around the world since its launch in San Francisco on 31 May 2010. You may have already heard of / used an Uber before. It is without a doubt the most convenient form of taxi service in London.We are also fortunate enough to have uber eats now which enables you to order your favourite food/ drinks – at any time of the day. (Android / iOS- Free)

6. Santander Bike

A Tourism staple in London Commonly known as Boris Bikes for the former mayor (and current Prime Minister) who started the service, Santander Cycles are a convenient and environmentally-friendly way to get around London. (Android / iOS – Free)

7. HiddenLondon

Developed and compiled by a born-and-bred Londoner, the Hidden London app is focused on unknown, buried, or overlooked places. Among some of the most interesting include Roman thermal baths in central London, a crypt underneath Fleet Street, and the first English dictionary, housed in the home that saw it be born. (Android / iOS – Free)

8. MET OFFICE Weather 

Weather in London, much like the rest of the UK, can change in a matter of minutes and really affect your trip. Your phone probably already has a weather service, but Met Office is the top provider for the most accurate UK weather information. (Android / iOS – Free)         

9. Monzo

Monzo is an excellent choice if you live in the UK, a digital bank that could easily replace your old bank and its FSCS protected. The app allows you to efficiently save money and consistently track your outgoings. You can enable notifications and automated payments and have full control over your finances at the tap of a finger. Monzo has also recently introduces many new features and your able to use you Monzo as an oyster card if you don’t already have one. (Android / iOS – Free)

10. Microsoft Outlook

On the desktop, Microsoft’s Outlook email software is still used in lots of businesses, even if it isn’t always loved. But on mobile, the revamped Outlook app has been a critical hit: simply and stylishly blending email, calendar and file management, and working well with other services including Gmail and Yahoo Mail. (Android / iOS – Free)

To find out about, please visit Exploring London and our guide to travelling across London on our website.

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