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Komal’s experience: studying during a pandemic

6 January 2021

5 mins

We asked some of our new students about their time at Loughborough University London so far – find out more about experience current student, Komal, in this blog.

Why did you choose to study at Loughborough University London?

I’d attended and a seminar and there was a lecturer who convinced my whole family Loughborough University was the best option. At the time I was into cricket, so I was really interested in sports – however I was unsuccessful in my undergraduate degree application. It then became a personal challenge that I wanted to attend Loughborough University for my masters!  Loughborough University stood out to me due to its ranking and work in sport – I actually didn’t know you could study sport until I got to the UK and as sports has always been a passion of mine, I was set on Loughborough University. I was so happy when I first joined the #LboroFamily– I had accomplished my personal challenge.

How have you found studying on the Loughborough University London campus in Semester 1?

It is not crowded as a central London university. The local places are secluded – not in a bad way, just in a way where you can maintain social distancing, such as in the many parks around campus. The tourist-attracting Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and the facilities from the 2012 Olympics are perfect for social distancing measures as there is so much space! Even the Westfield shopping mall has numerous social distancing measures in place – I don’t worry that Stratford will be overcrowded!

How do you feel about your decision to study with us and what advice would you give to our January starters?

I feel like it is the best decision I have made – I’ve met so many new people, even during lockdown. I’ve had so many networking opportunities, in the short 2 months I’ve been here and I’ve connected with at least 10 companies already. I have even gained an internship from the Digital Skills programme. I have learnt that so much can come from you just meeting and networking with people – you can create opportunities for yourself one step at a time. You need to put yourself out there to create these opportunities for yourself.

Would you recommend in-person attendance for the Semester 2?

Definitely. If you’re having doubts, I would definitely recommend registering for in-person attendance for Semester 2. You can ask questions there and then and I feel you get a better idea of your thoughts and questions when you speak in person, rather than writing them down. Also being in the lecture enables thought provoking conversations with peers. It is just a better way to network with people, not just professionally but also socially. I have also had the opportunity to make new friends in-person.

Tell us more about your experience as an international student.

I think choosing to study abroad for the first time, I have had real exposure to what the world is actually like and how people work. I feel like there is so many opportunities that I didn’t even know existed – you learn about new departments and new career areas to explore. Before I came to the UK, I didn’t know I could study sport – I originally came to study management. As a kid I always had a passion for sport, so the realisation that I can pursue my interest as a career has opened new doors and a whole new world.

What do you enjoy most about your course?

I feel like my course (MSc Sport Business and Innovation) gives a good taste of everything that is available within the Sport Business field. For example, in sport, you have sport analytics, sport business and also sport innovation – studying this programme is a great opportunity to fine-tune what suits you best. It is all about finding something that you relate to and finding the career path that is right for you.

What do you like most about Loughborough University London?

The #LboroFamily – I count this as the staff, students and even the people in the local community. I feel like you meet so many people from so many different nationalities and backgrounds and they are all just here to share ideas and get to know you. It feels like a warm hug! Even the staff here are kind of like students as well, they still want to learn – they want to learn from you. It’s a great environment for open conversation and discussing things you love.

What activities do you like to do outside of your studies?

The Olympic Park is a huge space that is great for running. There is also outdoor table tennis and other sporting facilities – you have got a lot of local amenities. My favourite place is the Canalside – which is right next to the University so you can explore, meet new people and go for food and drinks. You get to see so many new things and I feel like every time I walk around Stratford I see something new.

Do you feel your studies have been impacted by COVID?

I feel like now is the best time to study, so you are prepared for the environment after COVID and all the new opportunities that may arise. If you are cautious and follow the safety measures put in place to protect you, you will feel safe. I still feel safe and secure in the campus buildings due to particular safety measures that have been put in place by the University.

Komal is a current Student Ambassador and she studies our MSc Sport Business and Innovation.

You can meet our other Student Ambassadors here.

If you would like to find out more about some of our other students experience of studying at Loughborough University London during the pandemic, you can read about Shrey’s experience, here.

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