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Life as an international student in London

28 February 2020

4 mins

In this blog, we spoke with MSc Sport Marketing student, Akshay, to talk about his experiences moving from India to studying in a new country.

Hi Akshay, tell us about yourself!

Hi! My name is Akshay, and I am an international student here at Loughborough University London, where I have come to study my MSc in Sport Marketing. Being a passionate sports fan for all my life, I have always seen myself having a career in sports and to make this dream possible, I knew Loughborough University London was the best place to be.

Were you nervous about studying in a new country?

To leave your home and come to a foreign country is always a daunting task. Thankfully, London is an amazingly vibrant city, and Loughborough University London has always made me feel safe and welcome.

What do you think about the staff on campus?

The staff and the professors at the University are all very friendly and understanding. The staff at Student Services will always help you out if you are facing any problems. Being in such an environment where you feel like people care about not only your academic growth, but also your mental well-being is really encouraging and positive. The environment that Loughborough University makes for all of its students motivates us to work harder and be the best version of ourselves.

What were your main worries before beginning your studies?

Before moving I did wonder how things would be, and how difficult it would be for an international student to cope with the demands of the way the UK teaches and grades assignments, but there have been many workshops on academic writing which help you to better your chances of scoring a higher grade. Academically, everything at the University is amazing – had I have known that this was how the University works, I would not have stressed at all!

What is your favourite thing about Loughborough University London?

A great thing about the University is the diversity; there are students from all over the globe here to study. I’ve made friends from so many countries, and because of this, I get to hear different views on the world and it makes you more aware of other people’s world views.

What is the best thing about your course?

The exposure that I have received from the professors is amazing – plus we always have guests lecturers who are industry leaders coming in to talk about interesting topics, which is always helpful.

What do you enjoy most about being a student in London?

Apart from the University itself, being an international student here in London is great. London is an amazing city with a lot going on. The University building is on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Hence there are world class gyms and swimming pools nearby, and also a lot of events that keep happening at the Copper box Arena and the London Stadium, which is now home to West Ham United Football Club.

For me, being a sports fan and being so close to sporting events is a dream come true. London has a lot of things to do! As a student, you could get discounts on a lot of things like travel around the city, etc.

London is an amazing place to be as a student, with events all over the city, there is never a dull moment, and as a student of sport, there is no better place than Loughborough University London!

To find information about support and guidance available to international students, please visit our website.

To find out more about our MSc Sport Marketing programme, head over to our website.

Loughborough University London would like to thank Akshay for his blog.

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