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Overcoming the First Term Worries

2 January 2021

4 mins

In this blog, current student, Ellie, discusses how she overcame some of first term worries in her first few months studying here at Loughborough University London.

I am a full time masters student at Loughborough University London studying Design Innovation Management and I have just completed my first semester. This means I have completed a third of my master’s degree… madness! The time has flown by and when I think about the thoughts and worries I had when I first started, it now seems silly to me that I even gave them the headspace.

When I first starting, there were a few things that worried me; How will I make friends during a pandemic? What if I cannot keep up with the pace of the work? What will working in London be like? Now that I am settled, I hope to be able to ease the minds of prospective students that may have the same worries and let you know how Loughborough London can help.

First, how will I make friends during a pandemic?

Making new friends is always a daunting prospect especially when seeking to connect with people in an unfamiliar environment. This is made a lot harder when everyone is wearing masks and you are unable to show them your smile or interact with theirs. The first thing I did to make this easier, was to get involved with the different networking events and talks being offered by Loughborough London during the first few weeks. These events gave me the opportunity to connect with like-minded people either online or in a safe space on campus. Following these events I have been able to connect with people, have a socially distanced lunches and have people I could rely on whilst on and off campus.

What if I cannot keep up with the pace of work?

I knew before starting that a master’s course was going to be a very different pace of work to what I was used to from my undergraduate degree. On top of this, I had a summer off to relax and forget what work felt like! Consequently, when I sat in my first lecture I was prepared to be thrown straight in the deep end and to feel behind from day one. In this first lecture, they spoke about how the module was going to be assessed – a 3000 word essay. During my undergraduate degree I had little to no experience writing essays and so I instantly felt the pressure. However, the lecturer directed us to Learn (the university portal) which had numerous different online and live sessions helping people to plan, structure and write essays. These sessions boosted my confidence and within 4 weeks I had written my first assignment and enjoyed the process of doing so.

What will working in London be like?

Having done my undergraduate degree up in the midlands I was used to the surrounding area being of little interest to the students. Coming to study in London is completely different and I wasn’t sure what to expect or how to make the most of it. On my first day I was given a tour of the campus by a Student Ambassador who also gave recommendations of places to eat and things to see in the local area. These suggestions continue to be my go-to when meeting up with friends and taking a break from work. This is another prime example of how Loughborough London helps students settle in. The team of Student Ambassadors are always there to help students feel comfortable and give you advice based on the experience they have had.

To conclude, my one piece of advice for anyone planning to start at Loughborough London, who may also have these worries, is to get involved. Whether that’s being proactive in joining networking events or seeking help about assignments, just do it and Loughborough will always be there to support you along the way.

To find out more about Ellie and to meet our current Student Ambassadors, please visit our website.

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