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JOINT Fund series: Harnessing the power of digital innovations to improve healthcare access

6 June 2019

1 min

Dr Yang Zhao (Lecturer within Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship) and Dr Rohit Dasgupta (Senior Lecturer and Programme Director within the Institute for Media and Creative Industries) share the progress of their research project. The research is on the ‘Digitalisation advantage: Harnessing the power of digital innovations to improve healthcare access’, supported by the JOINT Fund initiative.

Our project explores how elderly population in ageing societies (e.g. China) can benefit from digital healthcare innovations. We aim to (1) investigate the actions that drive older healthcare professionals in engaging healthcare digitalization, and (2) look for potential solutions that create digital healthcare access for elderly patients.

We have conducted interviews with 40 healthcare professionals and developed focus groups with 35 patients and family members. The age of the participants ranged from 45 to 93. We made great efforts to access the hospitals and open conversations with the interviewees. For example, we introduced the project in public events and organised workshops at hospitals to explain the project aim and impact.

They will be discussing the findings at the Pathways to the Future of Digital Health Care event on the 21st June. More information can be found here.

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