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26 April 2021

2 mins

Dr Ana Cristina Suzina, Doctoral Prize Fellow within the Institute for Media and Creative Industries has recently been featured in newspapers around the world.

In March, Dr Suzina appeared in the Spanish newspaper El Confidencial, reflecting on her article in the Journal for Media, Culture and Society in which she discuss the use of English as lingua franca in academia.

This article has received more than 2,200 views and downloads since it was first published in September 2020 and is top 5% among all research outputs as scored by Altmetric.

In April, Dr Suzina also appeared in the Canadian newspaper La Presse as part of a series of interviews with prominent researchers from all the world focussing on “the virus of fake news”. The interview in the newspaper is an excerpt of a larger interview that will appear in a book, published in English, for the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Institute Universitaire de France, in a couple of months.

About Dr Ana Cristina Suzina

Dr Ana Cristina Suzina is specialist in communication for social change with expertise in sustainability, social organisations, and corporate social responsibility.

Dr Suzina is a prolific researcher and writer, and lecturer on communications in five countries. Her research deals with ways social movements, NGOs and community associations using communications as a dissemination tool have incorporated digital resources. She has volunteered with Brazilian and Latin American organisations to train young communicators motivated to promote causes, by organising seminars, producing manuals, and planning campaigns.

To find out more about the Institute for Media and Creative Industries, please visit our website.

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