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London ranked 2nd in Ranking in Sport Cities

22 February 2021

2 mins

In search of the city with the strongest association to sport, Burson Cohn & Wolfe Sports (BCW Sports) recently published its annual Ranking of Sports Cities which highlights the top 50 sports cities from around the world.

The ranking focuses primarily on the views of International Federations (IFs) and sports industry experts, combined with an analysis of the digital footprint of the association between sport and a city and international sports media.

In the 2021 rankings, London has been ranked second for the second year in a row, narrowly missing out to New York City.

In London, a diverse array of athletics stretching from football to tennis have further granted its city the spotlight throughout the world. London has hosted the Olympic Games in 1908, 1948, and most recently in 2012, making it the most frequently chosen city in modern Olympic history.

London is a city with a rich sporting history, it’s not hard to guess which sport takes the first spot on the list – football! History proves it as well: football games have been documented in London as early as 1314, and football in its modern form was first codified in London. The city has several leading teams such as Arsenal, playing in Holloway, Chelsea, playing in Fulham and West Ham, playing on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

With 13 football teams, a dizzying array of stadiums and a rich history of sport dating back centuries, the culture of sporting in London is enough to rival every other city in the world. In fact, tourism to the city is energised by sport, too, with many visitors from around the world staying local to stadiums to see the spectacle of rugby, football, cricket and tennis to name just a few.

London 2012 may have passed but it’s clear it has left a great legacy behind in the city and was instrumental in encouraging youngsters to get involved in sport. This legacy also led to the creation of Loughborough University London and the Institute for Sport Business. Based on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in one of the great sport cities of the world there could be no better place to study the business of sport.

For more information on the Institute for Sport Business, please visit their institute page.

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