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Recent success for our doctoral researchers

15 July 2020

4 mins

Loughborough University provides our students with an environment that encourages them to become innovators and leaders in their fields of study. In celebration of this, we wanted to highlight some recent notable achievements from our PhD students.  

Alan Brejnholt (Institute for International Management)

Alan has had immense success recently with Sustainability. Published only just in May, his article is quite literally, hot off the press! Alan started at Loughborough University London in 2018 with our Institute for International Management. His article appeared in the Special Issue Design and Management of Sustainable Products, Industrial and Manufacturing Systems. Alan’s success demonstrates what can be achieved through our outstanding university and we are certain that he will sustain his achievements in this field.

Joosep Hook (Institute for Digital Technologies)

Joosep’s most recent triumph has been to be published in Neural Networks.  His article, Deep Multi-Critic Network for accelerating Policy Learning in multi-agent environments, contains a wider feature selection and practical implementation than previous research, making him an innovator.  We at Loughborough inspire and nurture innovation in all of our students. Joosep’s journey began at the Institute of Digital Technologies at Loughborough University London, and has accelerated to him being published in a national and highly respected publication and he will, without doubt, continue to even greater heights!

Talia Hussain (Institute for Design Innovation)

Thanks to her inventive and imaginative research, Talia has garnered funding from Techne for the remainder of her PhD.  This is no mean feat. While Loughborough University, one among the handful of universities whose students are accepted, gave her the opportunity by referring her to the fund, it was her own performance that lead to her success. According to Techne they only fund “outstanding students pursuing the ‘craft’ of research through innovative, interdisciplinary and creative approaches across the range of the arts and humanities”. A justly outstanding endorsement of her work!

Hussa Khalid Al Khalifa (Institute for Sport Business)

Hussa truly is a winner, having been shortlisted for the International Olympic Committee Women and Sports Awards. Here at Loughborough we pride ourselves on our home grown champions and not only is Hussa a sporting champion, she is also about to be published, with an article entitled: Adapting to Local Context and Managing Relationships: A Case Study of a Multinational SDP Partnership in Bahrain to be published in the Journal of Global Sport Management.  Hussa expresses creditably, the global and academic aspirations of our students, stimulated by their time with us.

Fiona Meeks (Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship)

The word outstanding is often used indiscriminately, however in the case of Fiona it categorically does apply! She was awarded the 2020 Doctoral College Research Student Prize due to her outstanding academic performance and achievements. As if this were not enough, it also included contributions to the university over and above her own research! Illustrating that, as we at Loughborough embolden our students to do, going above and beyond yields success. Her distinction and drive have been recognised and rewarded, an auspicious start to what we envisage to be an outstanding future.

Federico Winer (Institute for Sport Business)

Federico is not only an academic high achiever but also appears to have “the gift of the gab”. Invited as a speaker at Esports Trade Association – US and on Sports Talk Ukraine he revealed the ability to discourse with ease, fluency and authority. On top of that, he has been interviewed by both The Independent, in the UK and Pagina 12, Argentina. Notwithstanding all of these achievements he has also authored: Sport after the coronavirus: A cross-sectional view of the impact of the crisis on sport published by Amazon in May of this year. A highly contemporary and forward thinking work, exemplary of what we at Loughborough anticipate from our community.

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