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A day as a Loughborough University London student

19 February 2019

3 mins

Sport Business and Innovation MSc student, Victor Manuel Alvarez-Gines has written this blog about a day as a Loughborough University London student.

I wake up on the 14th floor in my accommodation, Unite Stratford One, and enjoy my breakfast with an amazing view of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. I travel to Loughborough University London on foot (approx. 10-15-minute walk), however there is a free shuttle bus which travels to campus. This stops outside Stratford International Station (next to Unite Stratford One) and takes around 5 minutes to get to campus.

When I arrive at campus, I find my friends by the coffee area on the ground floor. The great thing about Loughborough University London is this sense of international community! My friends come from a wide range of places including China, India, Thailand, Japan, Brazil, Europe and Africa which is amazing to connect with students all around the world. I then attend any classes I have on that day. My lecturers are internationally-recognised with research and teaching expertise in the business of sport. I am learning meaningful insights within the Sport Industry each day by the Institute for Sport Business’ academics and am gaining a wide range of skills and knowledge.

After my morning sessions, I go for lunch with my friends! There are plenty of places to eat nearby to the campus including the on-campus café, Canalside, and a wide range of restaurants and cafes at Stratford Westfields. We try and relax for a little while by socialising and playing table tennis before going back for any classes we have that afternoon. After my afternoon classes, I continue to work on coursework. For example, recently I have been meeting with my team for the ‘Collaborative Project’ module to complete our assignment. The Collaborative Project enables students to work with real companies to solve a real business problem. My group have had the opportunity to work with Chelsea Academy FC, one of the largest football clubs!

After spending time studying at the campus, I travel back home my accommodation and make some dinner. Lots of my friends who also study at Loughborough University London live in Unite Stratford One, so I occasionally invite them to my kitchen, and we have dinner together. What is great about the location is that there is so much to do! Unite Stratford One is right next to Westfields Shopping Centre where there is plenty of shopping to do, restaurants, and a cinema. As well as this, Stratford is well connected to other parts of London so I can easily travel to places more central!

Before I go to sleep, I always organise everything ready for another day. For example, I check my timetable on the ‘myLboro’ app and prep any work needed for the following day.

Loughborough University London would like to thank Victor for sharing his day as a Sport Business and Innovation MSc student in the blog. If you would like to find out more about Loughborough University London, please see our website or read our other blogs.

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