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A Guest Lecture by Alex Coulson, Executive Director of Sport Industry Group

16 December 2016

3 mins

A Sport Business and Innovation student, Winnie, describes Alex Coulson’s guest lecture for the Institute for Sport Business. Alex Coulson works as Executive Director for Sport Industry Group which promotes business across the sport sector, bringing the industry together through a series of events, editorial content and a network of influential figures from across the British and international sporting landscape.

In semester one, week five , Alex Coulson, came to share his story on how he landed his current job role, and to tell us snippets about his own career path and experiences. His overarching desire for giving his lecture was to help the students figure out what kind of positions they could apply for within the sports industry in the future.

Although I am eager to immerse myself within the sports industry, before Alex shared his story, it was still a dream for me. I know where I would like to end up, but, I didn’t know what path to take to get there and felt the process would be tough, especially as I am an international student.

Alex led us to consider components of sports industry such as E-sport, gambling, volunteer management etc., as avenues which we had perhaps previously overlooked. We discussed these in groups, which was a very insightful experience as they my fellow classmates had very different views of the industry! It opened my mind to new possibilities and encouraged me to communicate more with my other students.

He address the five main sectors of sport business which include: agencies, brands, media, rights holders, and suppliers. He then listed eight directions the students could possibly take as a result of our interests. What’s more, Alex comprehensively explained the capabilities students need to land a job in the business and thrive: experience, knowledge and networking. After he shared the story of his career and his opinion on what skills and abilities employers seek I felt I understood where I wanted to be, what I needed to do to get there, and where I could go to find job opportunities.

I learnt a great deal from Alex’s guest lecture and left feeling much clearer about my future career than before; I know what I can do now and this has improved my outlook on my future. Until this lecture, I hadn’t realised that it is not difficulties that stop you, but your perception of them.  I have taken away from the lecture that we should all discuss and share ideas with as many people as possible to expand our perceptions and ideas within the industry.

Loughborough University London would like to thank Winnie for writing this blog post.

Students from all disciplines have been invited to attend a variety of guest lectures by notable and innovative people from a wide range of fields within the Sport Business industry.

We would also like to extend our gratitude to Alex Coulson for taking the time to speak to our students and inspire them. For more information regarding Sport Industry Group, click the link.

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