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ISB Careers Symposium

29 May 2019

4 mins

In March, the Institute for Sport Business welcomed students, industry partners and alumni onto our campus for the first Institute for Sport Business Careers Symposium.

The Careers Symposium was developed by the Institute for Sport Business to give students and alumni the opportunity to interact with industry professionals and to expand their knowledge and network. This was co-hosted in collaboration with the help of GlobalSportsJobs and aimed to provide a unique opportunity for Loughborough University London students and graduates.

The event was very different to other careers fairs and part of the event was shaped through three tracks, that mirrored our master’s programmes. This exposed our students and alumni to high profile industry leaders, who offered them specific advice, motivation and inspiration from their respective industries, as well as what to expect when looking for a career in sport business.

However, it was also important that students and alumni had the opportunity to network with the sport industries and with each other. After the track discussions, Loughborough University London held a networking session in the Enterprise Hub with industry partners and potential employers. Whilst the tracks were virtual, the Institute for Sport Business wanted to create a dynamic, face-to-face environment where students and alumni could improve their networks and speak to future employers. We were lucky enough to have representation from multiple industry partners and alumni, with organisations such as: Two Circles, National Basketball Association, BT Sport and Sportsonomy in attendance.

Dr Emily Hayday, Lecturer within the Institute for Sport Business shared her insight into the ISB Careers Symposium:

One of the reasons why we believe the ISB Careers Symposium is really important is because a lot of our students come to do our master’s programmes due to the locality in London to get those industry contacts and to give them the opportunity to network and to think about their future careers.

Professor James Skinner, Director of the Institute for Sport Business said:

The symposium provides the opportunity for students to understand what is required to take the next step in their career. They are currently learning about the industry, but the symposium allows them to listen to the journeys from those who have been involved in the industry. Through those conversations, our students have worked out what is required to take that next step and the direction they need to take and how they might go about fulfilling their career aspirations.

Innovation Track

One of the tracks at the ISB careers symposium was on Innovation, aligned with our Sport Business and Innovation MSc.

Speakers at this track included Chris Pollard, Head of Innovation at LTA, Ben Causse, EMEA Sr Commercial Director at Delatre and Lyndsey Eckhouse, Commercial Director at G2 Esports.

Sport Business and Innovation MSc student, Harry, attended the Innovation track because it aligned with his master’s degree. This was particularly beneficial for Harry because his dissertation topic is in the same field as the speakers so was extremely beneficial for his programme. The speakers provided their insight and knowledge on current affairs and how their career progressed.

Marketing Track

There was also the Marketing track at the event, aligned with our Sport Marketing MSc.

Speakers included Jason Hughes, CEO of Suning Sports Group International; Josh Smith, Director of Television Services at FIFA and Stephanie Serediuk, Head of Commercial Strategy of CAA 11.

Alumni, Andrew Bontiff commented:

I attended the Sport Marketing track which was a fantastic insight to see the different speakers in the sport industry, the current trends in sport marketing and to ask questions that will help me in my future career.

Analytics Track

Lastly, there was the Analytics Track which mirrored our Sports Analytics and Technologies MSc.

Speakers included Mike Wragg, EVP Global Head of Research Nielsen; Anthony Stern, Director of Insights and Analytics, Hookit; Shane Campbell, Head of Commercial Development at BT Sport.

Current student, Anushrav said:

I attended the Sports Analytics track and the panel discussed the trajectory and future of sports analytics while providing an insight about the jobs available in that particular sector. The track was extremely beneficial to comprehend the job profiles which exist in the particular industry. Moving forwards, I have a clear idea regarding what potential employers are looking for in a candidate which is going to be extremely beneficial.

The ISB Careers Symposium was a fantastic event – we are hoping to host this as an annual event to ensure that the ISB community, future, past and present are able to learn and engage with highly influential sport business leaders and think about their next steps when graduating from Loughborough University London.

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